No updates in the support ticket

Sure 2099 d C
I Hope in God

Sure in 2099 :it:

:triumph::triumph::triumph:over 30’000 tickets in one month :eyes:I thinks @Wirex don’t have much financial engineer :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for resolving the accounts blocked

I don’t received nothing in 40 days
Thanks to wirex

It is time to join forces to file a class action and seek damages for withholding our money, moral damages, frustration and time, damages for lost earnings, all for having our accounts blocked for no reason.

@Aldo_Favaro We see on our side that your case is being handled via ticket #1968906. We would kindly ask you to avoid creating new tickets, as the issue can only be handled via one ticket in particular. Kind regards!

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I have a “pending” transaction for BNB. I sent a test one through and it worked immediately, but this latest one is stuck.

Can anyone assist, please? Thx

@Jon We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

All the Same support tickets

No news for me 50 days no money no account :-1: :-1:

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@Aldo_Favaro We will get back to you in the ticket once we have anything new. Kind regards!

Hello sir.

We’re sorry for your situation right now. I hope your case will solve d soon as possible.

I’m very dissatisfied
52 days no money
I send my case legal finance in Lituania
Parcel 500 euro
Thanks for your help and memory my case
I open over 60 TICKETS :saluting_face:

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Help him . Please @moderators :pensive:

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Ho subito un tentativo di pishing, non riesco più ad accedere al mio account! Avete chiuso il primo ticket senza risultato 2465616 e’ il nuovo ticket. Aiuto

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Aspetta e spera. Stessa cosa è successo a me
57 giorni
60 tickets
Ho scritto su Twitter forum Facebook mail
A proposito Anastasia ripete sempre le stesse frasine
Ci vorrà 1/2/3 anni

Sul serio?? Ieri mi hanno chiuso il ticket dopo che gli ho elencato le varie risposte a tutti i quesiti, oggi denuncia e la allego al prossimo ticket. Ma ormai credo che i fondi saranno smarriti.

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English please. Thank you :innocent:

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Hello, they are Italian users registered in my telegram community and have reported massive Phising activities in Italy, and I would like to point out to all the support that a mass attack is underway against Italian users. @Yuliia_Wirex @Alexander_Wirex @Anastasiia_Wirex @moderators

:thinking::thinking::thinking:how @wirex free account blocked?this is a game of bullshit and nothing else matters
I hope the customers read how many negative feedback in play store and apple store. The truth is inside a comments
Grazie per il tuo aiuto Fabio indipendentemente dal risultato….tra tre o quattro anni forse mi ridaranno i soldi :moneybag: :yen: :dollar:

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Same case 52 days account blocked no reason
@wirex has incompetent operators for our case

Hi @Sammy_Salvetti, please note that the ticket number of your case is 2454719, and our Support agent sent you a message recently, please check your mailbox. Regards!

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Ok thanks. The answers is available on mail. Reguards