Not able to login to web

I cannot login to the wen app. I can login to my phone app. I am still not able to transfer crypto to an external wallet for almost one year now. I have contacted customer service many, many times.

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Hey @Finn. Sorry to hear that. Please post here your ticket number and moderators will chase it up for you.

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Hello @Finn, we can see that there was 1 ticket, which was sent to This e-mail address is currently inactive.
In this case, please submit a support request so that we are able to assist you further: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

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did you try to clear your cache of the browser sir?


On both the app and tried different web browsers and cleared cache. I read online that many people are having the same issue and it is not being resolved.


Im sorry for the experience your having sir hope its get resolved soon , but please try or used another browser or update the apps.

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@Finn Our Support team will get back to you regarding your case soon.


I don’t know if your problem connecting to the wirex page has since been resolved, if it’s still the case, have you tried the Firefox browser?

If you use the Google browser, be aware that sometimes there can be problems connecting to the page you are browsing or want to connect!

Rest assured, it’s just a technical problem, as long as you can connect to the Wirex app, you shouldn’t worry about it, it will be restored within hours or days. :wink:

Thanks for understanding!