Not able to make bank transfer

Not able to transfer any money out of Wirex. App does not have option to transfer to a bank only another wallet? Raised ticket … no response. Web chat … not able to help as told functionality taken down due to maintenance with no date for resolution. This is first time in 2 years I need to withdraw and find I can’t access my funds? Anyone else having this issue

Got the same issue, got a response though

Got this, “ We are switching to another banking provider, so the account details will be updated. Due to this maintenance, the option to transfer funds via local bank transfer is temporarily unavailable.
No exact ETA can be provided for now. You will be notified once it is back.”

Actually I’ve received different answer on 20th February: “Please be advised that due to Brexit transfers in EEA are suspended for a while. We are working to make it possible again and let you know once we get the result.”
That was quite interesting because my IBAN started with “EE” (but bank country was Lithuania) what isn’t UK account therefore it shouldn’t been affected by Brexit. By the way Brexit has known for a while. I mentioned these to them but response hasn’t arrived since then.
Furthermore I helped open account to my relative and she experienced same issue with crypto wallets what can’t be activate.

Thanks Mac… a bit more detail but there’s been zero comma about this. I really need acces this week and have already seen my portfolio drop 6% for. When I wanted to sell. Pretty abismal customer service tho

Shouldn’t affect customers in the UK. Very frustrating not to be able to withdraw funds to a bank. Hope wirexapp fixes quickly!

Hi @GillRyan,

Please accept our sincere apologies for your experience.

I have contacted you via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Best wishes!

Hello I can’t see my IBAN, please you can activate my bank account in euro

Hi @Anaide00 :wave:

This option was temporarily disabled on 31\12\2020. The relevant notification to the email was sent on 25th of Dec. titled “Important notice: changes to the Wirex account”.

You would be able to process the transfer as soon as the IBAN back to available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the more specific time-frame for you at the moment but don’t worry, the Wirex team is working hard on this.

Best regards!

I didn’t know and yesterday I made a transfer to my old IBAN, is that a problem? will I receive this transfer on my wirex account

Hi @Anaide00 :wave:

I can’t answer this question, I’m sorry. But I know that I was able to receive a transfer from PayPal on my old IBAN last October. The situation is not the same because currently the transfer option is disabled due to brexit. There is more information on this here:

I advise you to contact help support within a few days if you do not receive anything on your Wirex account.

Have a good week-end!

Hello @Anaide00, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

As we’ve communicated before, Contis closed all Wirex Visa card and bank accounts on 16.03.2021.

Since we no longer cooperate with our previous banking partner, all transfers sent to EE and LT Iban will be sent back to the sender automatically.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to receive further transfers to the old details.


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