Not stupid idea for marketing

As all knowing crypto services is ever green in growing.
So as other over power project doing well I propose that somebody commissionate a Crypto Rap for famous group.

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I suppose you dont listen to rap/hip hop on your daily life? Because if you did, that thought wouldn’t had crossed your mind.

EVERY single time a company or any official entity makes or is made for a rap, it’s cringe AF. Because you just CAN NOT be square, and claim it’s a triangle. If any1 has seen CCP (chinese communist party) or PLA-raps, you know what I’m talking about.

It might seem all “hip” and “cool”, but trust me, it will only end up as meme-material for millenials… :slight_smile:

IF you must do a crypto-rap, anyone can pay Snoop Dogg 35k $ for not-unique and 50k for unique verse on a track, not the whole track.

Lastly I have to ask, do you listen to advertisement jingles on your freetime at home?

  • Levelius, a rap afficianado, have listened over half of my life rap & hip hop, my lil bro has done a couple tracks and I got a couple friends who produce beats.

Sorry for Wirex. Wirex main subject.what you say. I can’t publish link but going on this Crypto Rap on cloud sound and listen quality of project
m.soundcloud com/crypto-rap/ultiarena

You’re not wrong…it’s cringey af!

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