NOW LIVE: introducing AVAX to the Wirex app!

X-accounts are stil not available to use for AVAX, the only reason I purchased AVAX from you guys with a stupid commission fee is so I could benefit from the x account APY you guys actually used as marketing strategy for avalanche. Now it’s stil not available and I find this really infuriating how you guys think things like this can be done without any consequences.

Now I would like to receive a genuine respons with facts, nobody cares about the delay, why market it stil as such when you clearly knew it had a delay with it?

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You can stake it sir on App.Nereus.Finance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star2:

You need to Download Wirex Wallet connect it.

Hey there @Hotbbqsauce please can you tell me what country you reside in?
Thank you

Mate it has nothing to do with the fact that Wirex used it as a marketing stunt, while it’s stil not available, bating tons of users to buy AVAX for the benefits with x accounts, it’s obvious a community manager tried to hide these facts with your Nereus, nobody cares this topic wasn’t about Nereus for one second, it is about the fact they lied to the customers.

Why is that relevant? I live in the Netherlands and they will slap Wirex harder then you can expect, so yeah I will be glad if you want to find a solution with me.

@Hotbbqsauce The reason why that is relevant is because we have different features depending on the region you are in, which is why I wanted to make sure to ask you so I can give you the most up to date information possible. In regards to AVAX for X-accounts this will be added as I mentioned above, along with other coins/tokens for X-accounts. I appreciate your patience thus far.

In response to your most recent comment saying that we tried to hide facts or lied to customers, I’m sorry you feel that way but that is simply not the case at all. Our comms are created well in advance along with timed and planned launches. AVAX on X-accounts was set to go live but there was a delay. The copy above in the article has been corrected and removed any related mentions. We will be announcing more X-accounts soon. Thank you

Yeah sure it was removed after we made mentions about it, when opening the Wirex app at the time it defenitly showed me an add clearly stating the x accounts for avalanche being ready thus Wirex celebrating with a 5$ bonus my ass. Stil not there.

Just to clarify the promotion of 5 $/€ in WXT was for the launch of the actual token on Wirexapp only. Which means it was not attached to new X-accounts. We have done this promotion for several other coins that we’ve launched on the Wirexapp. Therefore this particular promotion still stands. Please see T&Cs for full details above. Thank you and all the best.

Just to clarify I haven’t received the promo amount, also for the previous months but I will live that as it is, I want my 5$ bonus from my 50$ AVAX purchases.

Hello there @Hotbbqsauce , if you have any question regarding the reward distribution, please kindly raise a support ticket so that the team can look into it and assist further.

Thank you and all the best.