Now that your major investor is the Russian Viacheslav Taran, what will you do to follow the world sanctions to stop the war in Ukraine?

I am not even gonna discuss the very poor and disgusting way you offered the majority of your stake to Viacheslav Taran last month. But now that this is done, what are your plans to put this guy out of service and get your Russian ties out of your business ?

Hi there,

I’m sorry but associating the war in Ukraine with a Russian investor is an amalgam. This man did not ask for war, even Russians are demonstrating against the war against Ukraine. Do not mix everything up.

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Maybe you haven’t seen what’s happening around the world. All over, companies are pulling out of their Russian links, not to target everyday Russian like you or me, but to cut the investment part of it.
I don’t know if this man asked for war or not, but I know that drying Russia out is the best way to end this war, unless you want to go to war yourself.
What is stunning is the complete silence of Wirex about this.

Lets all peace :innocent:
Don’t get mad to each other its not solutions anymore…

lets pray for all people to be safe :handshake::blush:

Hi there @Ders
We have posted, about Ukraine here … Announcement and Update
and this post here… Every Small Act Matters - Support Ukraine

There is a lot that is happening behind the scenes not just from the company as a whole but from employees as well, both of which, are doing everything they can to support Ukraine. We will continue doing so, as well as have initiatives launching to aid further support.
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Hi @Ali_Wirex ,
thanks for your answer. I haven’t seen the announcement and I am glad you are supporting the global movement for peace.
thanks for clarification, this helps.

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Hello wirex.
I would like to know how can I support Russia?

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