NXUSD Earn Launch on Nereus Finance ♥

We are excited to announce the launch of NXUSD Earn!

With NXUSD Earn you can earn up to 20% APY on staked NXUSD paid in NXUSD.

NXUSD NXUSD is the over collateralised stable coin issued through the Nereus Finance protocol. NXUSD is currently the only native stablecoin that has a partnership with a global payments provider to enable 5M+ users to instantly borrow and spend at 80M+ merchants worldwide.
Through Nereus’ partnership with Wirex we’ve successfully negotiated to have NXUSD be the preferred stablecoin of Wirex and all Wirex users are now able to borrow NXUSD in the Wirex app at 0% interest. As apart of that – NXUSD is forefront in many of Wirex’s products.
We expect to see Wirex drive a significant amount of interest in NXUSD which in turns increases the supply of NXUSD and direct borrowing of NXUSD.

Earn 4% APY with no locked WXT
Earn 20% APY up to certain level with locked WXT.

So start your weekend off by Locking some WXT, Borrow some NXUSD, Stake your NXUSD, and EARN SOME NXUSD

Need help borrowing NXUSD - check out: How to borrow $NXUSD on the Nereus app. - YouTube


Comment cela fonctionne t-il. Pour lock 5 000 000 et ainsi bénéficier de 20% APY sur la fourchette des
300 000 NXUSD du Tier1, il faut obligatoirement déposer des NXUSD ? Si oui , combien faut-il déposer ?

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Great opportunity to safeguard savings!:+1::ok_hand:


can you please say it in english sir , thnks bro.

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