NXUSD genesis Event

"The NXUSD Algorithmic Stablecoin is now live, bringing a highly capital-efficient and fully collateralized algorithmic Stablecoin to the Avalanche Blockchain. NXUSD possesses market-leading utility, leveraging the affiliation between Nereus and Wirex to deliver pioneering features which aim to be at the forefront of the innovation of the DeFi 2.0 era. This article will cover the NXUSD genesis event and all the remaining details regarding the mechanisms & characteristics of NXUSD. "


After UST crashes, we saw the crypto market need a fully decentralized stable coin. Nereus Finance announced Nxusd and it’s totally collateralized. It’s DeFi 2.0 power and Nereus will be changed to defi are for users.

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