NXUSD interrest wrong

NXUSD is advertised as 0%interrest, 12mth loan term, 80%LTV and 90% liquidation point. My partner has previpusly taken loans on this setup. Now though, its showing 70%ltv, 80%liquidation and 6%interrest in the app once you reach the borrowing stage even though doccumentation still advertises the fomer deal.

What gives? Ive tried chat but end up in a constant loop, ive tried email and nobody replies

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Hey there @Mrcashback, please can you send me your support ticket reference number so I can chase this with the support team? Thank you

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I dont have one because nobody ever replies. I tried to email back oj a prior ticket too but that just bounces. So perhaps you can open a new ticket for me and respond here publicly?

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hi there can you please create a ticket sir. wirexapp.com/en/help/request/create thank you.