Old xaccount reduce AER

My USD x-account created last year and keep 12% AER till to today. But now sudden changed to 6%, any other ppl same to me?

Mine are reduced too.

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They fix this soon as possible. Thank you.

Thanks Malous, is you mean the rate will return old rate after fixing?

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@simoms We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

Welcome :blush:

Thanks Maryna_Wirex
Received your email and reply you personally.

Hello all, I have the same problem.
Interest has fallen from 16% to 5% on my EUR X-Account.
Can you help?

Hi @Ledial @simoms @la05yuting, The X-Account is created for 1 year. Each year the subscription is renewed again for the next year. The account was recreated with the new X-tras 2.0 policies. You may check there here: FAQs- X-tras 2.0 Best regards!

Thank you for the feedback.

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Welcome as always.

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