Ongoing Issues With Wirex Platform (app and web)

The balances in my wirex account - crypto - are presently very slow to update with price fluctuations (and has been for some time) and I am also unable to execute an external card load to my GBP account - very frustrating. Ticket raised.
@Kateryna_Wirex @Yan_Wirex @Jenny_Wirex

Hi James, we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused you and we are grateful that you brought this issue to our attention.

As we can see, this case is being processed by our relevant team. They will keep you updated via the ticket directly.

Warm regards.

No worries! I’m never frustrated with Wirex as service response is great, and I am a loyal customer. I mostly make these comments so that Wirex can address them, improve service, and improve as a platform :slight_smile:

@Kateryna_Wirex I would be pleased if you could chase ticket 1379245 so that I can functionally use the Wirex App. Due to another issue, ticket number 1356884 … I don’t really have any way to use the Wirex platform. As you already know, I am unable to access the Web app. Prompt resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Dear James, thank you for your cooperation. It’s highly appreciated.

I understand that you have been forced to wait an excessive length of time for the investigation of the issue.
I have escalated these cases to our relevant team. They will contact you as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

I need some kind of time frame, I really can’t use my wirex account properly! This does need to be resolved as a matter of urgency! I am sure I cannot be the only one affected, and so it should be in Wirexes interest to resolve this ASAP.

Outstanding issues :

  • Web App Inaccessible (ticket 1356884)
  • Top Up (external card load) not working (ticket 1379245)
  • Crypto balances not refreshing (ticket 1379245)
  • Spend and top up notifications (ticket 1344617)

@Kateryna_Wirex @Yan_Wirex @Jenny_Wirex

Dear James, I totally understand that this situation is unpleasant for you.

Please be assured that these issues are currently under investigation by our relevant team. Unfortunately, it takes longer than expected and I am not able to provide you with ETA for resolution. Thank you for understanding in advance.

Your problem is not forgotten and our technical department is doing their best to resolve it as soon as it is technically possible. I am following up on your case and will let you know as soon as the issue is resolved.

Best regards.

@Kateryna_Wirex I am also now unable to move money from my GBP account to my card account to spend. This is completely unusable. I doubt this is just me with this problem. This needs a quick resolution otherwise I will be forced to start considering other platforms. These tickets have been open for weeks and days, and an issue of this severity should have been resolved well within that time frame. @Yan_Wirex @Jenny_Wirex

Dear James,

Let me kindly inform you that this case is currently under investigation by our technical team.
We are doing our best to speed up the resolution of this issue.

We will update you via the tickets immediately once the issue is resolved.

Warm regards.

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I thought a lot of them too as a platform and service, until one day they decided to rob me during a global crisis.