Our 12.12 promo is now live!

It’s here, Wirexers!

You can now not only save on your Christmas shopping, but get rewarded for it, too!

So, how does it work?

Simply spend online and you’ll get 2% Cryptoback™ rewards in WXT for the entire duration of the campaign (T&Cs apply*).

Any online purchase will generate rewards - but don’t forget to checkout with your Wirex card.

Hurry - you’ve only got until the end of December 12th.

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Time to get spending!



For the full T&Cs please see details HERE


Hold on…so this is for Singapore only?

  1. If someone spends 600 USD (maximum spending to be rewarded)… by the time he/she gets the promotion reward credited (within 12 - 15 working days after the campaign period)… the WXT price can be different. If the WXT price went down you can end up with less than 12 USD.
    Will the amount of WXT be established at the time is credited (making sure the user gets the equivalent to 12 USD) or at the time of the purchases?

  2. “5. The promotion is limited to the top 400 Wirex users based on transaction volume ‘Eligible Users’.”
    Does this mean that the user who have spent 10 dol during the promotion period will get nothing if there are 400 users that have sent more than him?

  3. “11. Below is a list of excluded merchant transactions for the purposes of this promotion:”
    How do we know the merchant code category of a merchant before making a purchase? You are listing the categories but without explaining how to find the code of a specific merchant. This could avoid a bad surprise on the user side and a ticket in your support system due to a complain.

  4. “13. The maximum amount of WXT to be distributed via this promotion is 3,000 USD worth (‘Max Amount’). Wirex therefore reserves the right to end the campaign if the Max Amount for this promotion has been distributed.”
    How are you planning to tell everyone when you’ve reach this Max Amount? If you do this, you need to inform the users that they won’t get anything if they spend money or they will be spending something with the expectation of getting the reward.

  5. “15. Wirex may, at its sole discretion, revise any of these T&Cs or terminate this Promotion at any time without prior notification.”
    What is the point of putting rules and conditions if you can then do this?

  6. “6. The reward will be credited to Eligible User’s WXT account within 12 - 15 working days after the campaign period – this can be converted to traditional currency through the app at any point in time”
    Does this mean we can’t convert it to any other crypto and we have to convert it first to FIAT???

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Yes dude…
First thing in Rules & Conditions: “Region: Asia Pacific”

Yeah, should really be the first thing in the post… Or at least mentioned without looking at the T’s & C’s.
Especially considering they’re mass notifying app users who may or may not be eligible.

Hello @Ali_Wirex.:blush:

It looks like you need to correct the terms and conditions, it says valid from 10th November to 12 November.

On the image the dates are correct but not on the T&Cs provided on the link.

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Any reason why no one from Wirex answered the questions regarding the Terms?

Hi there, firstly my sincere apologies in my delay. The T&Cs are the standard T&Cs when we do any type of promotion. In regards to this particular promotion, it was for customers who’s cards have been issued in Singapore. I will take this feedback back to the team to make it more clear for our upcoming promotions in the future.

In regards to the stipulations in this promo it was a limit with the top 400 users and a max distribution of WXT capped at 3,000 USD worth.

In regards to the merchant code (point 3), we have given the codes in the T&Cs. Are you asking for a link to the specific merchant codes?

In regards to point 4. We stipulate in the T&Cs that it is to the top 400 users. Therefore users should know that there is a chance that they might not be in the top 400 due to various factors, one example could be that they decided to purchase something at the end of this promotion which could mean that their chances would be limited seeing as it was done towards the end of the promotion. The one’s eligible will be contacted after the promotion. If you were successful then you will receive the WXT.

In regards to point 5, this is a standard point for all T&Cs created, no matter the company. We have never changed promotions or terminated them without cause up to this point however, this point is necessary to state as it is at our own discretion.

In regards to point 6, to the receiving of WXT (if applicable) and transferring it to traditional currency. It is solely up to you how you would like to convert that WXT. You could convert it to another cryptocurrency instead of traditional currency.

I hope this has clarified a few things in regards to this promotion. But please let me know if you have any questions regarding anything else. I will also give this feedback to the relevant department because your feedback is important.

Thank you very much.

Thank you Ali for answering… but the answer came too late. By the time I ask again… it was already too late.
Please, have this feedback into consideration for future promotions… having the possibility of communicating with you about some the terms is critical for the final user to take the decision of participating or not.

Regarding the questions:

  1. I got no answer.
    The question was: Will the amount of WXT be established at the time is credited or at the time of the purchases?
    So, time of Credited or Purchase?

  2. I got no answer… but I assume the answer was, yes, it is very possible that the user will get nothing without knowing it in advance.

  3. If you put on the client side. How the client will know which code, the merchant belongs to? Me as client… I don’t know… I just know the merchant has a website or a store and the name… And this is what I’m asking, how do I find out the code of the merchant where I’m about to buy.

  4. I interpret your answer as: Wirex is not responsible and don’t care if the user knows or not when the limit has been reached.

  5. Fair enough.

  6. So we would be able to convert it to any currency or crypto like always. What triggered my question was that the term “traditional currency” was used in the term which I interpret like the cryptos were excluded.

None of the questions have importance now that the promotion is over… maybe next time would be better.