Our CEO shows you guys how to load up your Wirex account with NEM!

What do you guys think?


You can check out NEM’s website here:


Sorry to say this but I can’t form an opinion on a 1.20 min video…
Is it a cool feature? Well I guess so.
Is it useful? Impossible to say from this video. I think if you want to release things like this, you should make people excited about why this is a feature that adds value to owning a WireX Card.
For me, now, this is just a nice gadget …

Don’t be sorry; I know it’s not the most amazing feature of Wirex; but it’s one not many of our competitors have.

I have personally held NEM/New Economy Movement for a while now, and it has risen in value for me.

If I want to enjoy those gains I like the fact that I can use WireX, to instantly convert it to Bitcoin.

But we will have full fat Wallets coming to the platform soon. Dash will be the first one; and also Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and BCash.

Are there any wallets that you would personally like to see?

Of course, I overlooked the instant conversion.
I still need to have a closer look at conversion fees though :slight_smile:

Wallets / Coins are always a matter of personal taste.
Personally, I will never ever touch BCash. I hate everything it stands for and I don’t trust Roger Ver for 1 bit.
BTW, if you’ve seen the latest interview with him, you know he’ll go totally berserk if he knows you call HIS coin BCash :slight_smile:
Same with Ripple, reminds me too much of a centralised bank, which is exactly what I’m “rebelling” against.

For me, DASH, ZEN en SYS are most important at this moment.


Hahaha Roger Ver says allot of things. I am more a satoshilite fan than a Ver fan!

I didn’t like the whole Bitcoin.com wallet switch from BTC to BCH.

Ripple for me, is good for banks as we transition from old technologies; did you know that vulnerabilities in the banking system cost tax payers billion’s of £,$ and Eur per year?

I think ripple might be a good short term solution to address this issue.

I also love Dash; but I don’t know much about Zen and Sys. Maybe you could write an article about both to educate me?

Glad we’re on the same level :slight_smile:
Honestly, you surprise me with this explanation on Ripple and the whole banking vulnerabilities issue.
Maybe you could write an article about it and educate me? :wink: [joke]

Actually, not a bad idea for an article about ZEN and SYS. Is there a possibility we could discuss details over email? Or I can invite you to my workspace / collaboration chat once I figured out which one to use?
[ Off-Topic warning for other readers here ]. Right now I’m using Glip but it doesn’t fulfil all my needs.