Out with the old- A New Era

Out with the old! Welcome to a brand-new era for Wirex – an era of seamless multicurrency payments, instant crypto rewards and unlimited free exchange. We’ve listened to our community and shaped our product to give you more of things you want (and less of things you don’t).

From scrapping monthly fees, removing exchange charges to overhauling our rewards programme and boosting the amount of Cryptoback™ that’s up for grabs online and in-store, we’ve taken your feedback on board and worked hard to make Wirex the best possible platform for your hard-earned money.

The game is set to change forever - here’s the full lowdown on what’s changed and what to expect from this brave new Wirex world…

For the full details please visit our blog HERE.

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6% Interest on WXT balance / month

Is this meant as 6% YEARLY interest released per month?

EDIT: Yes, “annual” is mentioned in another sentence.

I have the same question.

It should say 6% (12%) yearly reward, paid monthly.


Yes, which means that if you want to earn more than the cost you need to own a lot of WXT.
999 WXT monthly or 2999 monthly fee to get 2 or 6% means you need at least 1000000wxt to get a decent return…but let’s see…

I think the price is based on gbp (9.99 / 29.99) and is then converted accordingly to WXT. Otherwise WXT would have no chance to increase the value. @wirex is that correct?

600,000 x 6% = 36,000 WXT.
36,000 / 12 = 3000 WXT.

This equals the monthly fee (same math for Standard plan, same amount of WXT holdings needed).
Which means any WXT holdings lesser than 600,000 WXT is costing more to the customer.

Is this a joke?
Is this what I waited 2 years for?

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Wxt increase in price!!! You pay fix price for Y and had Limited X. There are only 10 mlrd wxt. So if WXT finish the game finish? No becouse we pay Fiat for Plan. It is good news.

When you attach a value to a token, nobody will pay more as this value.
Or would you pay two dollars for one USDC? :slight_smile:

Technically WXT is not a stablecoin?

The interest is accrued yearly and being paid out monthly. It is a programme that is extremely competitive in today’s market as the reward/perks that each subscription model boast very exciting incentives for customers. You will not see such incentives from competitors. Also for a limited time offer the Premium and Elite plans will have 4% and 12% respectively. These will also feature not just in-store Cryptoback™️ but online as well. That means every purchase counts! Previously as you know we were only offering in-store purchases for Cryptoback™️. These subscription plans were designed to let you choose which is the best for you. You will get monthly rewards paid into your WXT wallet which could also go towards the monthly plan that you choose. It is up to you.

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Nobody want to talk down the x-tras program.
But the question was… is the basis of the fee wxt or gbp / eur / … ?

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My first opinion is that standard users should get 2% WXT interest without paying a fee. Which will drive demand for the WXT token. The premium and elite interest rates should increased by a further 2%, so 6% and 8% respectively.

Secondly, there should also be opportunities to gain interest in WXT for holding other crypto assets, stable coins and fiat currencies within the application.


What will the exchange fee be in the “new era”? I currently have no fees because I have 500k WXT. As I understand, I will lose this?

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I calculated that only 7.000 consumer could hold 500k if supply is 3.5 MLRD. @WilsonMilleR what you think about this fact. How many wxt you had? And 500k it is only 5k dollars 35milion of euro at current price and Wxt finish. But I see in exchange they had fix price 0.001 0.002 0.003 0.004. So if someone enter with 5 million of wxt dollar price spike to 0.002. What is the sense of enter 5 milion dollar in Wxt? Transfer ,exchange, Apr, paid plan for recalibration of price. so it would spike 0.001 0.002 0.001 0.003 0.001. Now it is dead, but I think they give heart to Wxt with this cryptoback. Let see what tipe of heart!!! I see my 300k wxt be 4500 euro and don’t sell. And Wirex in new TeC say that they must autorize WXT buying. For example I try buy 500 euro wxt and transaction was declined. With 250 I had permit to buy. You never could enter with 5million. @rnedo Wirex is anti-conquest. @kaskal 500k is many wxt!. If plan would be payed in WXT we all sell wxt at the end of month so price go down. If we paid in Fiat Wirex could decide to use money in alternative way for example to upgrade all sistema. No sense in pay plan in WXT it is only loose in price. @Ali_Wirex. They confused me if plan is in wxt we must in this moment sell all Wxt and rebuy after payment is collected.! if in Fiat Hold. @Ali_Wirex Plan would be paid in Wxt or Fiat? @seth @Fra @Draw2 @Ali_Wirex @oleg @opmiami @Pavel_Wirex

Hi, I don’t understand your point of view;
you speak of WXT as if it were “an investment product” when in reality it should be seen as a Utility Token;
Then you take the worst possible scenario (“If plan would be payed in WXT we all sell wxt at the end of month” => lol seriously ? How can you know that?)
and finally you think it’s THE reality when it didn’t happen yet, that the new system has not yet been implemented and therefore could not provide any data to analyze :confused:

In short, take a step back, take a breath, don’t FOMO; if you want to trade or invest there are around 3000 crypto made for.

And please put a good formatting in your texts, it is very difficult to read and understand.


Edit: I think if you want to “make money” you shouldn’t invest on WXT, I guess this token wasn’t made for pump to the moon like some others crypto,
at least I didn’t saw any post from Wirex on the way to “being rich with WXT”, as I can remember they always talk about it as a Utility Token for get services :slight_smile:

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But if you’re paying account fees in WXT then it just becomes more expensive each month the WXT increases in value for the account subscription!

What is the utility of money? Be reach!

But unless you have >600,000 WXT you will be hemorrhaging money (£10-29) every month paying to use the Premium/Elite or Xtras rewards which aren’t really that generous to begin with.

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To reach what ? It’s strange dude Oo

btw for me, being “rich” is neither an end or a goal …
Money is mainly made to exchange goods and services,
it is a tool, a proof of trust in a project.

At least you think what you want i don’t care, but WXT is a Utility Token, not “a financial investment product”, so complaining about “the no pump” is a bit paradoxical

If your goal is “to be rich” you have near 3000 crypto + fiat for doing it, don’t “invest” on WXT if your goal is “the moon” because i’m pretty sure you will inevitably be disappointed.

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Yes like ‘Buy WXT’ and ‘be aware this is not financial advise’ :slight_smile: Collect Apr but for what?? If not for financial purposes for what???@WilsonMilleR