[OUTDATED] 2FA Security Preference - Add 2FA backup codes option


Getting 2FA backup codes for Wirex customer accounts would be a good idea.

I noticed that several people were blocked at this authentication step due to a loss of access on the device where the codes are generated.

This problem can be avoided by simply adding the same option as shown here on the community forum. This will avoid requesting support and will allow to reconfigure 2FA on a new device quickly.

Here is a screenshot where the option would be useful to embed.

However, accessing the account through backup codes can be a high security issue in some cases. Having said that, I think everyone is responsible for their own safety. That is why I am submitting this idea.

Thanks for hearing me and hopefully this will be put into place !


Thank you so much for submitting this feedback. I will definitely pass it on to the relevant department.


yeah, i would love to have the option to get the 2FA codes. i didn’t backup mine when i added it :frowning:

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