Over a month I’ve been waiting

I have sent myself around £3300 in xlm stellar to my wirex account using my blockchain account whilst doing so I never included a memo hence I logged into wirex and joined the live chat and requested support when I‘ve had a chat to them they informed me that they will have to manually credit my payment which I responded that’s fine thinking it would take to longer than a day. When I had sent that payment I was literally on the way to the airport about to fly to Dubai and I was going to use those funds for the trip since this money hasn’t come in due to me not adding the memo I had accepted that it was just a unfortunate turn of events I then proceeded to send my friend who was travelling with me £1000 to his gbp account details he should be a recognised payee as I’ve sent to him multiple times but after landing in dubai and using his card in the ATM we realised that my money that I sent isn’t in the card and it’s been on pending ever since and that was on the 13th of December. Due to wirex holding my funds I was stuck in dubai without sufficient funds to access which was a very risky situation and could have went left had I not been with friends. Due to recent bull runs that £3300 xlm stellar is now worth over £5000 and I think after all of this long stuff wirex put me through I deserve for it to just be credited asap and that £1000 I sent to be credited back also. My support ticket is #1815848 and

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