P2P Transactions

How about adding a peer to peer (p2p) transactions inside wirex app.

It’s not gonna happen.

P2P is all about decentralization. Wirex is the epitome of centralization.

Have you ever used P2P in an exchange, like Bisq for example? It works but the user experience is quite bad.

Wirex on the other hand is highly centralized, thus able to be efficient. The user experience is light years away.

A user has to weight decentralization, anonymity and censorship circumvention with centralization and KYC/AML, and choose what is best for them.

Both options have pros and cons.

It’s all about choice. You have the power to choose.


Hi @Hershey3k! Please, clarify what kind of transactions you mean, so that we can enlighten you more on this matter?

Kind regards!

I am actually referring to a centralized peer to peer transactions of crypto currency conversion to fiat & fiat to crypto with other wirex members.:blush:
I’m wondering if it can be possible if ever.

Dear @Hershey3k! Thank you for this valuable suggestion! I will forward it for further consideration.

Kind regards!