Pay it Forward with Wirex

Despite the uncertainty and fear of the past few months, empathy, compassion and basic decency continue to thrive.

We wave to neighbours through rainbow painted windows, sing loudly from balconies, go out of our way to give people space and shop for those who aren’t able to leave their homes. Through the murky darkness of illness, panic and isolation, the light of human kindness shines strong.

Today is Pay it Forward Day – a chance for the Wirex Community to keep that light shining and make a difference in someone’s life.

What you need to do:

Step 1 - Pay it forward with one act of kindness to a person or organisation of your choosing.
Examples could include:

Step 2 - Create a social post and share on twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #WirexItForward. All you need to do is explain why exactly you chose the person or organisation that you did. You do not need to include who you chose; just the reason for choosing them.
E.g. “Because they put other people first every day at work. #WirexItForward.”

Feel free to include images, quotes, or just the reason for why you’ve chosen your person.

What we will do:

Wirex will pick 10 participants at random and reward them with £50 worth of WXT – because one good turn deserves another. We’ll contact these individuals privately, after the initiative ends.

We’re counting on you, Wirex Community. Let’s get out there (not literally, obviously) and put a smile on someone’s face!

*T&Cs: The WXT prize draw ends on 03/05/2020 at midnight BST. Any entries submitted after this date and time will not be valid. We will select 10 winners at random from social media posts and inform them by 05/05/2020. Now closed.

(in no particular order)

@westby79 - Twitter
@therenars - Twitter
@johncol90 - Twitter
@tavo_mano_ - Instagram
@jamescarstairs24 - Instagram
@jhgs.510 - Instagram
@bravojun1 - Twitter
@carlnjam - Twitter
@KevinAndCrypto - Twitter
@R3dbull007 - Twitter


I like this activity - simple, and doesn’t even force me to use my Wirex card to be involved. Nice to see activities like this.

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Thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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You are most welcome Tommy! Congrats! :partying_face:

@Ali_Wirex Apparently I’m a winner how do I claim the prize?! :grin:

Hi James! Congrats! I’ve just seen your private message on instagram, so I will send you all the details on there.

Great! Just forwarded you the details requested :blush: hope you can help me further too, as discussed! @Ali_Wirex

Yes I received it along with the other information you provided! Thank you.

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