Payments are not displayed


does anyone else have the problem that current payments are not displayed in the app and on the web and are not receiving a push message?


Yeah. Since this Morning…


Thanks for the information

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Yeap, same here. Actually, since last night. No external in- and outgoing activities visible at all

Me too. Payment online / off line not appear on activity . Also I have joined the 9999 cryptoback plan , and the payment did not got the 1 % reward

Wirex support can you help ?

Hi there!

Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.
Please be informed that the issue should have been already resolved. In case you need any additional assistance, don’t hesitate to submit a request following this link: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account

Best Regards!

Just added 5000€ from my private account in DK on the 17th … but they still dont show on Wirex … any idea why ??

Hello @Moesgaard2689, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

According to my check, our agent has already updated you via ticket 380032. Should you have any further questions - please feel free to ask them directly on the ticket.

Best regards!

Where do I find the tricket?