Pick your favourite Crypto Cocktail!


Welcome to the Wirex Crypto Cocktail bar! Can we take your order?

We’ve got plenty of cocktails to choose from. Got a sweet tooth for something fruity? Or perhaps you’d prefer something strong and bitter? Whatever your taste, we’ve got the perfect match for you.

We have a great range of concoctions – all bursting with fabulous crypto flavours. So, grab yourself a refreshing Crypto Cocktail today!

The best bar in town

Our wide range of cryptocurrencies isn’t the only thing we pride ourselves on. You can also drink in the best live OTC rates on the market.

Which one will you choose?

BTC Martini
A popular choice. Mixed with a unique blend of transparency and served with a twist of mystery.

ETH Mojito
A tasty mixture of peer-to-peer transactions and smart contract creations.

WXT Cosmopolitan
Our own house special. A sweet, fruity mixture with a kick of exclusive benefits, such as discounts and enhanced rewards.

LTC Mai Tai
An exotic cocktail, enjoyed by many for its fast processing time and low transaction fees.

XRP Piña colada
Get caught in the rain - or the Ripple. A fine choice for easy exchanging, be it fiat or crypto.

XLM Strawberry Daiquiri
Enjoy this fruity delight with low fees and fast transaction speeds.

NANO Rum Punch
A delicious concoction with wonderful flavours of instant transactions, zero fees and infinite scalability.

WAVES Aperol Sprtiz
Want some bubbly? Surf the WAVES cocktail with developer-friendly infrastructure and dollops of innovation.

DAI Long Island Iced Tea
A delicious mixture of efficiency and transparency, with a hard splash of stability.



I took some DAI Long Island :desert_island: Iced Tea yesterday but really early in the morning :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: