Plastic Debit Cards Are Coming!


Are you ready to tap and go with crypto?

I’m in London; what should I test this bad boy on?



I have received my personal plastic card for BETA testing; Just waiting to verify the card has been received in app.

Tests so far; contactless has worked everywhere I’ve tried it so far; including public transport and POS. Chip and pin is also working very well. Where should I test next?

I can’t wait to test it ! :cry:
It is taking too much time !

Being a debit card it will work anywhere a card is accepted(including gas pumps) just like any other bank card.

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This video contains 4 new Wirexapp features that weren’t available one month ago. I will send £2.50 in Litecoin to the first person to name all 4!:

The title of the video mentions one of them already! Can you find the other 3?

Winner will be selected on 02/05 at 2pm; and this is the rate of exchange that will be achieved!

It should indeed. I tested at a Petrol Station and can confirm that it worked!

We’ve also updated the payment tags :wink: :eyes:

Litecoin wallet(with exchange etc), Exchange fiat to fiat(eg gbp to USD), Plastic contactless card, currency accounts and virtual cards were available last month so what else?

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3/4 or 2/3! Very close; the feature you’ve missed has existed for a few years…
But now it’s capabilities have doubled. I think that’s enough info.

Backend/service quality improvement(s)?(Anything related to the backend like servers, code etc)

No Dice!

I’ll give you a clue for the first half of the answer:
‘I’m in love with the ***** of you’

Buying cryptocurrencies.

Hi Raphael I had a card last year and live in Barbados and so need to have back my wirex card. I’ve been on the waiting list for some time but lost as to if I will ever have another card. I have an address in London but live in Barbados will that speed up the process? However my first card was shipped straight to me address in Barbados.

It depends if the residence on your id is in Barbados or UK. If your residence is within EU/UK you should be able to order a card but I do not know if it can be sent to another address than your residence

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Happy with this news and waiting for mine

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Close; but not yet; my last clue is that it’s a way of depositing funds into your Wirex account.

Depositing fiat using a bank card

I already made a deposite into my Wirex account from my local card. Now my Wirex balance is in BTC. wich I’ll be changing to USDolars, at the most convenient time. I need my plastic cards, please. Greetings

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