Plastic Debit Cards Are Coming!


Can I just ask, is the card available worldwide? I have a lot of friends in the USA, Canada and Australia as well as across Europe who would LOVE this!!


Our CEO has already answered your question! I’ve scrolled to the exact part of the video for you too!

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Amazing, thankyou!!


Hello Raphael. i am new only just signed up … will one or all three of te cards allows withdrawls fro designated cashpoints ? or can i walk up to any ? this isa really important question ? hopw you can reply to me … ty


Hey; welcome to the Wirex Community!

The cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa; but you will be charged a conversion fee if you use the cards at a POS that is for a different currency.


Wish to know how long must I wait for my Wirex card ?


Usually takes a maximum of 10 days once you’ve ordered it. When did you place the order?


I already asked for my EUR plastic card 8 days ago, and I am waiting for. Would I receive an email notifying sending or not?


It shouldn’t be much longer, we are looking at a feature that would allow us to offer this. But at the moment, it’s ‘snail mail’ to keep the cards free!

Once you’ve requested the card, your app will update with an option to verify your card.


THIS IS FAKE !!! VISA AND MASTERCARD Do not work with cards that support Cryptocoins !!!


Sorry but this is not fake. Our cards have been shipped to the UK and EU countries. They are working and you can exchange your bitcoin/Litecoin into either GBP, USD or EUR.


Why are you lie ??? Mastercard and VISA DONT WORK WITH CRYPTOCOINS !!!


You might be thinking of when VISA shut down a card supplier by the name of Wavecrest at the end of last year. A lot of the companies (like us) were with Wavecrest. However, we have a new supplier now and this is how we are the first to be able to deliver these cards to our customers in the UK/EU.

Our app supplies a bitcoin & litecoin wallet. Within the app you are able to convert cryptos into FIAT currency. So that would be USD, EUR and/or GBP. Once you convert this, you use those FIAT currencies on our card.

Please see these users on twitter who have already received our card in the UK and are using it. We have now launched our cards for EEA countries. Thank you.


Hi Raph,
I am bloody green in this, Where could I put my questions on CARD, to comunity??


Hey there! Ask away!


Hi Ali,
1-Do I need my real info: Name Last name & so forth on obtaining Wirex plastic card?
2- Can I use bitcoin on transactions & shpping?

best regard shirazy747

  1. Yes you will need to input your real info. You must be a verified user in order to obtain a card with us. You can see here for details on the verification process…
  1. After becoming a verified user and you have your card in your hands, you will be able to convert Bitcoin and Litecoin into your chosen FIAT currency. (USD, GBP, EUR) After you convert your crypto you will then be able to use it in-store or online to purchase things. Also, with every in-store transaction you get cryptoback. So you can start earning bitcoin in return. You will be able to redeem this in-app.



Thank you so much, very kind of you.

NOW comes the hard question: What if I live in IRAN!!!??

The problem is location, VPNs are either blocked or vey hard to access by BL**y GOV for people HERE ,

Are people banned?

Thanx a lot dear sir


Currently, we have launched the card for UK and EU countries only at the moment. However we are working on adding more countries to our list. I’m afraid I don’t have any definitive dates at the moment. But please stay tuned to our updates.

Thank you.


Ali , …