Please let us disable notifications in the app

Please provide at way to disable the barrage of “Bitcoin is going up!”, “Buy more WXT!!”, and whatever else spammish notifications I see daily in the app.

I rarely, if ever, get any notifications when there are changes to the balance of any of the accounts I have on Wirex, such as if a merchant has drawn an amount or a friend has sent me money, but I get loads of spammish notifications about buying more crypto. I would like to disable the sapmmish notofications completely and keep the useful notifications.

Thank you so much.


All companies promote their products, this is normal business practice, Wirex themselves will not send your spam…if You don’t like there promotions just simply delete, it’s easy :wastebasket:

@VerticalTrading, I don’t buy your premise and I don’t understand why it has to be either black or white when it’s so easy to cater for both.

I am sure there are people who finde the promotional notifications useful. I am also sure that I am not the only one who finds them annoying and spammy. A simple toggle in the preferences could make both groups of users happy. It’s simple and easy.

It is considered good practice to let users opt in to, say, newsletters, and poor practice for a company to use opt-out. We have already had this discussion for decades when it comes to unsolicited commercial emails. Few, if anyone, want to “just delete” email spam if they don’t like it.

The promotional notifications in the Wirex app is not even opt-out, because the app won’t let the user say “No thanks” — instead the promotional notifications are compulsory. And each time such a notification arrives it is a potentional distraction that requires an action on the user’s part to make it go away.

I believe I have more than 300 apps on my phone. But even if I had just 100, and if each of these apps decided to send just one promotional message a day, then I would have to read and delete a mostly useless message more often than every quarter of an hour. That would be insane. And oftentimes I receive more than one of these messages in the Wirex app in a day. The “If you don’t like there promotions just simply delete, it’s easy” simply doesn’t hold up.

Therefore, dear Wirex developers, please gives us a toggle in the preferences so that those us us who find your promotional notifications a useless distraction can make them go away.


I second this. Everyday they spam me, it’s relentless. If the only way to stop their spam is to uninstall the app and cut up the card, then so be it. Had enough.

Thankfully, Android let’s to disable notifications on an app basis, so it’s possible to neuter the app by removing its notification permissions. But that shouldn’t be necessary.

Let’s make a thought experiment:

On 19 May 2020 Wirex announced (sorry, can’t include links here) that the number of registered users are 3 million. Let’s say that it takes just 1 second to grab the phone, unlock the screen, look at the notification and decide what to do with the information before the notification is swiped away. Wirex probably have more than 3 million users by now, and surely it takes longer that just 1 second to get rid of the notification (and even then we’re not factoring in the time it takes to get back into the groove afterwards), but let’s just use these numbers anyway:

3 million seconds of attention grabbing for each notification, that’s more than 34 FULL DAYS (of 24 hours each) of attention grabbing combined. Or, if a single human had as their day job — 8 hours a day, 5 days a week — to just swipe away Wirex notifications on their phone: more than 20 WORKING WEEKS per single notification.

A minimum of 20 WORKING WEEKS that could be spent doing something useful is now spent worldwide for each effing notification that Wirex pushes to our phones. Just today I’ve had more than 3 of those notifications, so that’s way more than an entire work year wasted, just today.

Wirex devs, please get your grips together and let’s disable the notification spams.

This is becoming really annoying! Notifications at least three times a day and no ability to turn them off. @wirexsupport, @Wirex, please do something about this. This is not how a serious company operates. I do want to have “real” updates from you so I’m reluctant to turn off all notifications. But this is just too much.