Please provide bank accounts for the other fiat currencies as well

Since yesterday there is no way to top-up fiat currencies other than EUR for free, what is pretty unpleasant for users living outside the eurozone.


Please consider to team up with a fintech like Wise which provides bank accounts for currencies like PLN, RON or HUF. Using a master account with unique user IDs for each of these currencies would be a low cost solution to bring back the no-fee top-up for users outside eurozone.


Please include AUD as well.


thus will be considered imo.


This probably apply to all currencies in Europe except EUR. Please suggest how can I use my card in CZK when I can’t tranfer money to it without 1.99% fee??

At this moment, the best you can do is to convert your CZK to EUR on Revolut, transfer the EUR to Wirex, then convert back it to CZK at the end. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah I did this with HUF. Converted 1,000,000 HUF to EUR. Sent EUR to Wirex. Converted back EUR to 995,000 HUF.
I prefer to stop using Wirex altogether until they stop charging for top-ups.

Yah I know. The spread is about 0.5% and then you go for 4% cashback on Wirex. Still pretty good deal but I hate this. I’m ready to send CZK to my account through bank trasfer but CZK>EUR>CZK conversion doesn’t make me happy. I do pay Elite to Wirex and they changed conditions while I have a year long contract. Not good. I’m not happy customer anymore. I went through month long blockage of my account when I could not access my funds on Wirex. This 2%fee on card top ups is second fuckup of Wirex. One more and I start using my Plutus card instead.

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Hi guys,

team is doing their best to solve all of your concern asap :heart: