[Poll] Bitcoin's Taproot Upgrade is coming!

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After 4 years, Bitcoin’s Taproot update is expected to happen this Saturday!

The highly anticipated Taproot upgrade is said to improve the privacy of Bitcoin network, the efficiency of transactions (faster & less expensive), scalability, as well as improving Bitcoin’s capacity for scripting. Therefore, allowing smart contract capabilities.

Are you looking forward to this upgrade? Let us know what you think about this upgrade in the comments section below!

Do you think Taproot will lead us to another Bitcoin All Time High?

  • Nah
  • YES-50%
  • YESS-80%
  • YESSS!-100%

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Its coming :heart:

Nice nice.

Good news

If BTC pumps, Bitcoin influenced alt coins will pump too.


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Voters definitely have a positive perspective, good to know! :blush: