Poll- If you could pick 1 coin/token from the list below, which would you chose?💰

  • LINK
  • MKR
  • AAVE
  • YFI
  • UNI

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Don’t get isitdebunked tokens whatever you do as their financial analyst Adam little stole thousands upon thousands from us and he is a Wirex user. Beware!!!

Hi there @Billynicholls I haven’t heard of the above. Please can you elaborate so I can pass this information on? You can private message me as well, if you prefer. Thank you

Hi Ali.

Thanks for your reply I had dealt with the man in question before “Adam Craig little “ I believe his nickname to be Leetle! I had given him money in the past for which I received eth, blc and dbnk.
I suspect as with a lot of these situations that are quite sophisticated, that he was playing what some people would call the ‘long game’ basically gaming trust getting ready to knock someone at the end. I did not know he was the financial analyst of isitdebunked ltd when he sold me their tokens so I suspect they may have involvement.
I have had some contact with them and to be frank they come out with some simply bizarre statements such as ‘a storm is coming’ ‘we are going to break the internet’ etc. They at one point considered reimbursing us all our eth and other tokens but then they disappear. All delaying tactics I feel. Twice they spoke about a zoom call as apparently they are based in California but again when it come to it they disappear again. This makes me think it’s actually Adam little I’m talking too when supposedly talking to isitdebunked!
I spoke with another company called financialabundance who said they had dealings with them and they said their investments went to zero after an attractive yield rate and others in the crypto world have said after looking into them they seem suspect.

Hi there Billy, so sorry in my delay. Thank you for the above. I will pass it along to the team so they are aware. I appreciate you sharing this.


Still not heard a peep from Wirex since they locked my account for no reason and won’t even let me take my assets and just close it! Have been given numerous ticket numbers!! Wirex are a joke!

Hi there Billy, let me chase this again for you with the team.

Thanks Ali