[Poll] NFT is 2022's Word of the Year!

The Collins Dictionary has announced that NFT as the word of 2021.

Collins Learning managing director Alex Beecroft said that "It’s unusual for an abbreviation to experience such a meteoric rise in usage, but the data we have from the Collins Corpus reflects the remarkable ascendancy of the NFT in 2021,”

In case you are not familiar what is NFT, check out our blog post- Explain NFTs to me

Do you currently hold any NFTs?

  • YESSS- I have more than 1 NFT
  • Yes- I have one
  • Nope, but I would consider to have one
  • No

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this is gonna be interesting.:blush::kissing_heart:

Wirex NFT is so amazing :rocket::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

I got introduced in NFT when I encountered these nfts called cryptokitties, just fell in love at the concept of breeding two kitties to make a new unique one. Bought a lot but stayed in collection rather than selling and trading. Thanks for the wonderful post wirex team!

Wirex has no NFT’s at present…reality check :open_mouth:

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Im advance if XD