[POLL] - What are your thoughts on market data in apps?

We are always interested to know what customers think and today we thought we could ask about market data in apps. Do you like seeing market charts for specific coins in your apps? Do you think Wirex should have that? Answer the poll and comment below!

  • Yes! This should be in all apps when it comes to cryptocurrency
  • Yeah I think this would be handy in Wirex
  • No opinion on the matter

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Yes it should be sir. for me

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24h change 7day change for every coin and total MC also would be nice.

Certainly not maybe it should have been already because that’s what other companies sell to generate more funds, wirex should make sure its customers and partners has the best service currently that is not the case.

there’s 1 question missing; No to charts in the app!
If folks are using these micro charts for buying then they really DO NOT understand the Market