Positive feedback for customer service

Good morning everyone,

Having read through most of the posts on here there I a lot of negativity about the customer service. However this is not showing the full picture. I have never had an issue with customer service and it has always been speedy and helpful. I think it would be beneficial for it to be recorded as to when a problem or issue is fixed. Which will then give a success rate monthly for example of their performance.

This was just an idea that I thought would fill customers with more confidence.


Da bin ich deiner Meinung das Ganze irritiert mich leider ein wenig…Guter Vorschlag

I’m having a lot of problems with Wirex, the lack of humanized support is very big, I can’t do anything and I can’t talk to anyone, I can’t change the currency, I can’t withdraw my resources, and they are literally locking my money and nobody responds.

If my problem doesn’t get resolved as soon as possible, I’ll have to go to social networks to expose my problem, and my friends in Europe and Latin America will spread the message.

Hello my friend,

I am a wirex user. Have you got a ticket number for this problem that you have submitted? I’m sure someone will help out of you leave it posted here. Stay calm I’m sure it will be resolved. The customer support team are usually very good on here.


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Hi, I have an wirex acc email is “ahahto@gmail.com

, the verification is blocked few days before but I don’t know the reason. I think it is because of the selfie video is different to my ID card because of my bread. But now I cannot upload the document again. Can you help me to fix it, to unblock my acc and let me try one more time? I have summit my requests few times before but no answer til now. Can you reply me asap?

my email: ahahto@gmail.com

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Claire_Fan I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing this delay.
I have flagged this for you again with the team. As soon as they have an update they will email you directly. Thank you

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The problems is fixed already. Thanks!

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Wirex is not allowing me to withdraw my fund to a different wallet and keeps claimingthat the address doesnt exist.
My ticket number is (411718)

I have had multiple problems and never hear back from your support team.

Please resolve this

Hi @Nathan_Hill :wave:
Welcome to the Wirex Community :tada:

I’m assuming you tried sending crypto to an external address? The address may not be supported.

The support team will take charge of your case as quickly as possible.
Feel free to add more detail here.

Thank you for your patience!


What addresses are supported then? As I have tried addresses from 2 of the most common wallets and they aren’t supported.

Hi @Nathan_Hill

I don’t know which crypto you are talking about, so i can’t help you. As I said above, feel free to give more details here.

Best regards!

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I’d be willing to give more detail if I would be able to get some help privately by email but the only response I can get from Wirex is publicly. I am not comfortable sharing anymore information on this forum. I have still not heard anything from your “support team” just like I’ve never heard from them with all my other previous issues.

Alright @Nathan_Hill, I understand. In that case, let me ask @Ali_Wirex or @ChienChien_Wirex (@moderators) to contact you privately on the forum. They are from the Wirex team, while I am a simple user (albeit an ambassador who aims to guide and help to some extent).

They will send you a private message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!


Hello there @Nathan_Hill , I am sorry that you are still experiencing this delay. I will flag your ticket reference number to the support team. If you do not get a reply, please don’t hesitate to contact me again. If you would like to send me a private message, you can click on my profile picture and send me a message. Thank you


G’day Henry…I’m with You, been using Wirex almost 3 years now; I’ve had a couple of glitches & a few problems all of which was quickly resolved & I am very happy with their products & support! Wirex Rocks :+1:t5:

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