Price of WXT decreasing

What has caused the price of WXT to drop to its lowest in quite a while?

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For real! It’s dropping majorly!!!
Anyone from Wirex willing to chime in?

Hopefully Wirex (@Pavel_Wirex) will come up with a new announcement soon resulting in a price increase. The Mastercard Rollout is coming soon so hopefully that will help.

When Wirex announced that they got the license to operate in the in the USA back in the summer the price went up for a while. It went up as high as $0.013. Then it went back down to the $0.0080 price level until they announced the crowdfunding and it went back up again to the $0.009 price level until recently.

Wirex Market Cap has gone down considerably as well. Before it was in the upper 25+ million and now is has gone down to 18.9 million as of today’s date.

What I did (not financial advice), I exchanged yesterday all my 500K WXT (bought previously at $0.0087) for BTC since it will be a great investment long term and hopefully resulting in my recuperation of my WXT losses. Bitcoin is looking as a good investment long term for me.

I will keep a close eye on WXT since I’m a tier 3 shareholder and I would like to take advantage of the 6% staking rewards on held WXT balance. Once the coin gets stable again I will buy WXT again.

Wirex is fairly new company and I hope that with new additions, services and the entry in the US market will affect the WXT price in a positive way since it will be available to more people.

Good investing everyone! :moneybag:

White knuckle ride!

… everybody hold ooooooon!!!


Personally, I believe this is why the down trend in WXT is so steep recently. Everyone has the same attitude that BTC is going to make them millions, they sell off there other holding to buy bitcoin. I’m going to white knuckle ride it and just hold on to my 133,000 wxt. All I can say is I wish I waited to buy now because I would have had a hell of a lot more tokens for my money

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