Problem depositing ETH from to Wirex ETH account

Hi, Yesterday i wanted to transfer ETH from my Gate. io wallet to my Wirex ETH wallet. Despite choosing the right parameters, the transfer was not successful. Luckily the process was canceled and I got ETH back on my GATE. io wallet. Warning - be careful. Wirex team, why is that so? What settings do I need to choose? I chose erc20 / eth for the download network.
Thanks for your answer, Matjaz

Hi @stereo_kaleidos! Unfortunately, as we have not received this transfer on our side, we can not look into it as the details are not visible for us. Kindly contact the sending service in order to resolve this.

Best regards!

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I have not been able to locate a Receiving Address (in Wirex) for transferring ETH from my Atomic wallet to my Wirex account. How is that done?

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Could you tell me your country please? And possibly show a screenshot of your ETH account on Wirex.

Thank you!

Thank you getting back to me. I am in the US.
Is this the screen you want to see?

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Well. From your page, click on + Add Funds. You should then have a page with several deposit methods as below:

The one we are interested in is “QR and Address”. Click it to reveal your receiving address as an address or QR:

If you don’t have this, let me know. I’m from the EEA region and we don’t have the same features.

PS: If there is nothing, you can always try with this URL:
But beware - I don’t guarantee this will work because as I said I’m not from the same region so we don’t have the same functionality. If it works although this feature is not yet open in the USA, you agree not to blame me in case of issue/bug. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

That option list does not appear. Here is what I do see:

Hello @dalesvp, unfortunately, the external transfers option is not available for now, please accept our apologies, we are working on this matter. Kind regards!

Thank you. So the only function this card can have for me is for me to put my own cash into it?
I already have cards that do that. The unfulfilled promise of your card is far more than that.

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Hi, @dalesvp, you still can buy crypto or fiat currencies with your local card, and then spend the funds with your Wirex card.