Problem with Memorable Word

Hello admin, I want to log in to my account. I entered my password but it asks me for entering 3 letters of a memorable word. I tried but maybe I don’t understand how to enter it right. Can you help me?

Hello Adrianne,
Most of the time, we ask you to enter the letters of your memorable word in a random order, e.g. “Please enter letters 7, 2, 9 of your memorable word”.

Your memorable word is “Arsenal”.

When asked to give letters 6, 1, 3 of your memorable word, you will need to enter a, A, s (or a, a, s).

Please be aware that if you enter your memorable word incorrectly too many times, your account will be blocked.

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Got it. It’s incorrect, maybe I just don’t remember it. Can you reset it to me?

Sure. Could you please PM us and provide us with your email linked to your Wirex account?
Please be informed that further assistance will be provided via email in order to comply with security and privacy reasons.
Thank you for understanding!