Problemas con acceso por web y contacto con soporte

Buenas mando un email a soporte y me responde lo siguiente.


Esta es una respuesta automática a la solicitud que envió a No aceptamos solicitudes de clientes en esta dirección de correo electrónico.

Para contactar al Soporte de Wirex, siga los siguientes pasos:

• si ya inició sesión en su cuenta de Wirex en el escritorio, puede unirse a nuestro chat de soporte en vivo haciendo clic en la ventana emergente en la esquina inferior derecha de la página.

• si está utilizando la aplicación Wirex, haga clic en el enlace a continuación para enviar un ticket de soporte


No tengo forma de acceder a la web porque no carga y otros amigos no puedes ni acceder a su cuenta porque perdieron el doblefactor.

I have the same problem

Hola! El canal correcto para hacer solicitudes de soporte es el formulario que esta en la pagina de ayuda

Si escribes a la dirección que mencionas arriba, recibiras esa respuesta automática, pues no estamos recibiendo ninguna solicitud de soporte allí desde el año pasado. Tampoco recibimos solicitudes a ninguna otra cuenta de email.

Por favor, usa el link del formulario. Muchas gracias!

COMMENT OBTENIR UN AGENT WIREX, je n’arrive pas malgré mes ouvertures de requetes, pour lesquelles je n’ai rien reçu en retour

qui peut m’aider

87 days without access to my account or funds. I ask for an update every couple of days and this is the typical response. They will not even tell me what they are investigating, whos doing it and how long it will take.
Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your message.
Regrettably, the investigation has not been completed yet.
Until it’s over, we cannot provide you with any details regarding the course of the matter.
Best regards,

Quiero cambiar mi número de teléfono en la app y es imposible, ahora no puedo ver el PIN de mi nueva tarjeta y por ende tengo todo mi dinero bloqueado necesito ayuda porfavor.

Unfortunately contact service, I have blocked payments I send an email every day to support and they do not answer, I have funds that I cannot use, it is shameful.
What can be done?

Lamentable servicio de contacto , tengo los pagos bloqueados envio un mail cada dia a soprte y no contestan, Tengo unos fondos que no puedo utilizar, es vergonzoso.
Que se puede hacer?

It is very painful to see how Wirex cares more about responding to our comments and complaints (with a lot of politeness) instead of putting more personnel attending to the real problems of diversion of funds, theft of balance on supposedly closed and / or blocked card!
You can no longer chat with support within the account, only with the bot that is very limited !!
My account has been hacked for months, neither changing the password, nor changing the phone number, nor requesting a new card … They continue to log into my account and make payments, moving the balance of euros to my first card that is closed, etc …
It is clear that I do not deposit a penny in Wirex! They have already stolen enough money and I am still waiting for a result or response from the “investigation” of my case …
Many e-mails of support, from the customer service address writing to me that she is going to investigate the case herself … AND NOTHING !! On the contrary, they keep stealing every time there is some balance …
So there are too many other wallets on the market to expect non-existent security enhancements !! More than a year has passed and my patience has run out!

Hola @Duvan_Alexis_Yaguara , ¿puedes enviarme un mensaje privado para que pueda ayudarte más? Gracias.

Hi there @tomazzo , I’m sorry that you are still experiencing this delay. Please can you send me a private message so I can assist you further? Thank you.

Hello there @nathaliebmw , I’m really sorry for your experience. Can you please send me your email address via private message so that I can assist you further? Thank you

How do I send you a private message?

Hello there @tomazzo , please kindly click on my profile picture and there is a ‘Message’ button on the right. If you couldn’t see it, please let me know, in this case I will send you the private message first. Thank you so much.

I’m very sorry but I can’t get the private message button

Hello there @tomazzo , don’t worry, I have send you a private message first, please kindly check. Thank you

Hi, my wife and me can not access to our wirex accounts since 3 years ago. We use the link provided in the wirex app but you never response. Please help me. I beg to you.

Hello there @Alex_Bolanos , I’m really sorry about your experience. Could you please share your ticket reference number so that I can flag it to the support team please?