Problems with funds

I’m a new member and have been enjoying the benefits of wirex unfortunately today will my first time experiencing problems I transferred £25 for my metro account to my wirex account the money has been pending 4/16 hours now I checked with my metro account to see if the money have left my account also find out that it’s a problem with wirex I have sent you some out of emails asking for assistance nothing at all I cannot reclaim any of my rewards for my satoshis no can I buy any cryptocurrency and my £25 is in limbo literally just pending. Can anyone help me with this problem that’s customer service is not existing.

Dear Wirex

At 14.52 GMT I transfered £5000 from my savings account to my Wirex Account. These funds have not arrived in my Wirex account within the 2 hour faster payment window. I have confirmed with my bank that these funds have left my account. Please advise asap as to when these funds will be debited. I consider this a serious failing by yourselves if your fledgling service cannot be relied upon for transactions.

Support Ticket:850352