Purchase of cryptocurrencies with a visa card

Hello, I wanted to buy with the cryptocurrency visa card and I get a technical error. will it be fixed quickly?

Hello @Unika,
May I ask you to try the following?

  1. Turn off VPN services.
  2. Clear cache and cookies on your device and refresh the page. Re-enter your account.
  3. Try to log in using another browser and/or device (PC/laptop using the web via Google Chrome is preferable). Try the incognito window as well.
  4. Try to log in after connecting to another wi-fi network. (there may be problems for users with a slow connection)
  5. Reinstall or update the Wirex application to the most recent version.
    If the issue still appears, please create a ticket or specify the number of the already created ticket here.

Kind regards

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Hi @Unika :wave:

In addition, have you verified your linked visa card? If it’s not the case, there are limits amounting to $ 50 per day.

Best regards!

Hello, if I have it verified, I have been with Wirex for more than 2 years.

Hi @Unika :wave:

have you checked the steps mentioned above by @Vitaliy_Wirex ?

If nothing works you can create a ticket here: https://wirexapp.com/help/request/create

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards!

Dear @Unika, thank you for your reply.

Could you please create a ticket and provide us with the screenshot of the error/notification that you see from the computer version?

Kind regards

I cannot add funds to any account.
The only option I have is to move funds between crypto accounts.
My bank card is verified and I have been able to buy crypto in the past but for some reason I cannot buy any now??

Dear @pjdkca, welcome to our community!

We will send you a reply via ticket.

Kind regards.

Hi, I don’t have any errors on my computer. Errors are always in the app.

But it seems that it is already solved.

Thankk you.

Best regards.

Hello @Unika, thank you for your message!

I am glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

Have a nice day!

Unika, Wirex is a gamble. They may help you today but you can lose all your assets tomorrow without warning.

I’ve used Wirex for years, bought and sold crypto, used Wirex Visa card, and even brought many friends over.

Then 4 months ago, Wirex locked my account. No warning, no reason. Since then, customer support has done nothing. All my cash is clean and taxes were paid.

I am just one of many thousands of blocked users.

So enjoy Wirex while it lasts. But be warned. Don’t keep any larger amounts here to be on the safe side.

Hello, thank you, but I know the risks that there are as in everything. I don’t have everything on Wirex. Only what I am spending. The truth is that I do not understand why so much blocking Wirex clients. I can’t help in those cases because it never happened to me. But I have always told all my friends who use Wirex never to leave their funds in any Exchange if they are not going to spend them, they better send it to a cold Wallet. What they cannot do is leave their funds unmoving for months as if it were a bank. Since all the Exchange earn from the commissions of buying and selling or using the cards. If not, how are you going to pay staff salaries?
All the best.

Good thinking, Unika!

Wirex is a great concept and business model disrupted by internal problems in the management of customer support.

Have a lovely weekend!

Dear @boryagin, thank you for your message.

I have asked the relevant team to check your account as soon as possible.

Kind regards


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