Put your crypto to work with X-Accounts

HODLing your bitcoin or ether?

No judgement here. But we know a way you can carry on HODLing and earn up to 10% AER at the same time.

If you haven’t heard, X-Accounts are changing the DeFi savings game with their market-leading interest rates. Simply move your BTC or ETH into an X-Account for free and you’ll immediately start earning 6% AER on it.

Want to give your savings an extra boost? Choose to be paid in WXT and you’ll earn an extra 4% on top – that’s an enormous 10% AER in total.

Your interest will be calculated daily and paid weekly. So, the longer you leave your funds in, the more interest you’ll earn on them.

How to open an X-Account:

  • Head to X-Accounts in the Wirex app and tap on Create New X-Account

  • Select the currency you want to open an X-Account in

  • Read and accept the T&Cs

  • Choose how you’d like to earn interest - in-kind or in WXT - and give your X-Account a name

  • Add funds either from an existing currency account or via credit or debit card.

You’re ready to start earning! Open your X-Accounts today in just a few minutes.



I think many do by now, I do :blush:

It’s great way to earn passive money​:ok_hand::dollar:


Glad to hear it! :star_struck:


X-accounts have been complete game changer for me! :cherries: Thank you Wirex :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there! Apologies in advance for this newbie question, have just started using Wirex :-). I have just signed up for X-Accounts a couple of days ago. Looking at my X-Account dashboard, the ‘Due this week’ earnings is set to zero (0). Isn’t this suppose to reflect the forecasted earnings for this week? Did i miss anything when setting up my X-Account? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there @iammrbee :sun_with_face:

I know it’s been a long time since your post, but just checking on you if everything’s alright and hope you are enjoying X-account %!

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thank you @crypto3y3 , yes, love X-account! I wish we could add some other currencies in there too like Doge, XRP, ADA, etc :-).

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Hi @crypto3y3 , on a slightly different topic, is it possible to transfer/withdraw from my wirex NZD account to my linked card account? Is there a charge for this?

Hi there @iammrbee :sun_with_face:

Yes, you should be able to, to make sure I got it right, you mean make transfer/withdraw to your bank card?

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thanks @crypto3y3 . Yes, exactly. Withdrawing back to my personal bank card (linked card). I just looked now but the ‘transfer’ icon is greyed out. So not sure how to go about transferring/withdrawing. Can you help please?

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Hmm okay, I see.
Unless I am missing something I think the best bet would for you to contact customer support about this Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone), I hope they can quickly resolve this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks @crypto3y3 :slight_smile:

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