Put your USDT to work with X-Accounts

*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

HODLing your USDT?

No judgement here. But we know a way you can carry on HODLing and earn up to 16% AER at the same time.

If you haven’t heard, X-Accounts are changing the DeFi savings game with their market-leading interest rates. Choose to be paid in WXT and you’ll earn an extra 4% – that’s an enormous 16% AER in total.

Your interest will be calculated daily and paid weekly. So, the longer you leave your USDT in, the more interest you’ll earn on it.

Open your X-Accounts today in just a few minutes.

How to open a USDT X-Account

  1. Head to X-Accounts in the Wirex app and tap on Create New X-Account

  2. Select USDT as the currency you want to open an X-Account in

  3. Read and accept the T&Cs

  4. Choose how you’d like to earn interest - in-kind or in WXT - and give your X-Account a name

  5. Add funds from your existing BTC account.

You’re ready to start earning!

Why save with X-Accounts?

Saving made simple

Meet your savings goals faster, without lifting a finger – whether you’re after a dream holiday or just a night out.

Earn daily, get paid weekly

Earn up to 20% AER* on selected currencies, which is calculated daily and paid weekly.

Withdraw whenever

Withdraw your funds for free, any time you like. Your money, your rules.

Easy earning

Earn with no minimum amount or fixed term.

The freedom to HODL

Add funds to your X-Accounts and watch them grow. The longer you hold on to them, the more you’ll earn.

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Is the Earn available for US residents?

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Hi Wirex, why Luna is not transferrable? U keep holding Luna on the wallet and freeze it without earbing wxt even put on X-accounts. Should be decentraized defi why holding Luna is the app?


I didn’t get any useful response. and I don’t see any enabled earn features in my app presumable disabled.

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hi can you tell me what is the exact problem.


We’re sorry