Question regarding price plans


Hi there,
i do have two questions about the WIREX price plans:

  • How does the WXT lock work? Does it mean that i just have to hold a minimum of “x” WXT in my account or has it to be “locked” in a separate account?

  • What does the X-Account APR (crypto) mean? If i don’t want the interest to be paid in WXT what will be paid for holding BTC and ETH in each price plan?

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This are not official annuncement, if 1000 people do elite Plan 10 miliard of wxt would finish only with 1000 peoples…

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Hi @Oliver-F! It does not have to be locked on a separate account. As for the interest, it is paid in the currency you have chosen to save in.

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What a difference a few weeks make (compare with price plan above).
Was thinking about enhancing my price plan a few days ago. Now it seems to be obvious that the amount of locked WXT needed can change faster than the kind of inflation you are used to in real life. I‘ve drawn my conclusions…

Am I the obly one who cant upgrade the price plan right now?
Since one or two weeks ago I get an service unavaible message when I try to upgrade my price plan.

@Jyxus The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

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