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Hey! Haven’t been able to access my account for a year, raised multiple 1673936. Says my email isn’t registered or password. So I can’t check or reset anything.

Hi Asim, I am sorry for your unpleasant experience.

I have just escalated this case to our relevant team. They will check the issue and contact you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.


It’s been 8 days & I still haven’t received a response.
I just want to get access to my funds again.
Please help asap.

Thank you

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Dear Asim, I am sincerely sorry for this misunderstanding.

According to our records, our relevant team has contacted you via the ticket 1673936. Could you please check your mailbox and provide them with a response?

Thank you in advance!

I haven’t received any correspondance from any team. Checked wirex and email malbox.
Please send me a screenshot if needed.

Thank you

Dear Asim, I am sorry to hear that.

Please, try to follow the steps below:

  • Check Junk/Spam folder in your mailbox, make sure your spam filters or anti-virus did not block Wirex emails.
  • Check your mailbox folders and search the mailbox for “Wirex” keyword - perhaps you have a rule or filter which moved Activation email to some other folder.
  • Separately check your Trash/Deleted Items folder.
  • Wait for 15 minutes. There might be a delay, and the message will be delivered later.
  • Please add “” and “” to your contacts list, so the confirmation emails may appear on your email faster.
  • Check with your email provider whether Wirex emails got blocked. Whitelist, or ask your email provider to whitelist domain.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

I have been stuck on the verifying phase of my account for quite some time now and am unable to access my funds on my wirex. I have sent many request to get this resolved and have had no response from the wirex support team. Please help as this has been going on for weeks. My ticket number is 1744265. Please please please get in contact ASAP.

warmest regards

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Hello Stanley, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Our verification team has just informed me that your account was successfully verified, please check it from your end. Should you have any further questions - please do not hesitate to let us know via the ticket.

Best regards!

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Hello there. I love using Wirex and have recently referred my wife to open an WireX account. However she failed to pass the proof of identity upon account creation, as she didn’t know she needs to speak the numbers in English. A request #1762067 has been created. Would you please kindly expedite the process, so that she could join this great Wirex community as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Hello Anthony, I am sincerely sorry for this delay.

This case has been escalated to our Verification Team. They will check the documents and contact your wife via the ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

Hi, I transferred funds two days ago but it’s still not hitting the wirex account - is there a delay currently? Thx

hi, pls can you take a look at case # 1789331. Trying to fund wirex account - funds sent over two days ago, thx

Hello Chris, I am sincerely sorry to hear about this.

I have just updated you via your support ticket, please take a look.

Best Regards!

hi, how do I view the support ticket pls? Thx

Dear Chris,

I have already sent you an update, please check your mailbox. In case any additional assistance is required, just reply to this ticket. I will be glad to help.

Thank you in advance!