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Hi there i am just wonderimg what the max bank transfer is on a gbp payment card or from the current account as i cannot find this anywhere?

Hi David,

We have just sent you an email in order to specify the additional details, please provide us with a reply so that we could assist you further.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello, when i want to convert litecoin to bitcoin in the wirex app, where can i find the fee i am paying please.

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Hi, where can i find the fee for in app litecoin to btc please.

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Hi Frow, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

The rate of the fee is variable depending on the currencies being exchanged and in general, will be lower for high liquidity markets ( ie where lots of volumes exist) and higher for low liquidity markets ( ie where it is more difficult to find trading counterparties ).

The exchange fee that will be applied for the current transaction is always shown transparently before approving each transaction.

Best regards.

I do not know if it is the good place but I get several mails saying no monthly fees on our wirex account , no fees for ATM withdrawal

But , I always have them , I had a monthly account fee , plus a ATM withdrawal fees , so , what about these emails ? are they fake ?

Hello @samsarah, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Let me kindly inform you that there is a fee for VISA card account maintenance - €1.20. The ATM withdrawal fee is €2.25. You can find more information about Wirex fees and limits on the following link:

Best Regards!

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Great question Samsarah and excellent answer Wirex. Thank you both. Love Wirex. :green_heart:


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Hello All,
Question is about Elite plan. Monthly payment is 30eur in wxt…*is that 1eur=0.01wxt.
Will i be charged 3000wxt or 5000wxt (if price of wxt is 0.006)?

Thank you

Hi @profitnews! Please, note that the 30 EUR equivalent is counted in accordance with the current WXT price at the moment of payment.

Kind regards!

Thank you Maryna.

salve. ho scambiato euro in ethereum per inviarle ad un altro mio wallet ma non mi permette di invarlo. perche non posso farlo. qualunque cifra io immetto mi dice che c’è un problema con la commissione. potete rendere la cosa piu semplice, piu trasparente e comprensibile?

Hello @Yoan. It may be that due to the high congestion of the blockchain network recently, the fee amount can be unsatisfactory high. However, please note that it is applied to the transactions in absolutely any wallet and we cannot influence it in any way.
As an option, we recommend that you wait until the weekend, as during the weekend gas price is usually lower.
If the issue was not with the high fee, but rather some error you were facing, please provide us with all the information with the screenshot with the error in the ticket: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

I sent the Bitcoin in my account to an external address a couple days ago and it said pending the whole time then today it got put back into my Wirex account. I bought the Bitcoin and wanted to send it to my Bitcoin address like 3 weeks ago and haven’t received help in doing so.

Hi @Jackgirouard, we’ll pass your case to the technical team. Once we have any updates, we’ll get back to you via the ticket Best regards!

No dear God no I’ve been dealing with this for almost a month

I have put money in wirex looking for the “code” on my statement to increase my limits, but the code isn’t on my statement. So how do I increase my limits?

Also, now I can’t withdraw money out of wirex back to my bank account. What the hell is wrong with this app and the systems? Now I lost money and can’t even get my money back to my bank account. This sucks.