Read me First - About the Fees and Limits category

Hi @ProudMomof5, thank you for contacting us here. We’ve passed your case to the Support team so that can assist you further. You should be updated as soon as possible.
Also, for the code, please contact your bank as only they can know it.
As for transferring the amount out, please be informed that we temporarily disabled the bank transfer option. Do not worry, you would be able to process the transfer as soon as the IBAN is back available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a more specific time frame for you at the moment.
Best regards!

I can’t transfer it out to a wallet address or anything. Why is that?

Can I use my card and spend my money that is in my wirex account then?

Please note that unfortunately, we are not entitled to discuss matters concerning your account via community forum, only via email associated with your Wirex account. Please note that your situation will be looked into and checked accordingly. You will be updated via email. However, generally you can link different currency accounts to your card and spend the funds.

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