Ready to start earning?

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Take advantage of our sky-high interest rates by adding funds to your X-Accounts!

It’s completely free and takes no time at all. Open up to 10 X-Accounts for currencies of your choice, transfer funds into them, then sit back, relax and watch your savings grow.

✓ Earn up to 20% AER on selected crypto*
✓ Enjoy superior interest rates and unprecedented levels of control
✓ Accumulate interest daily and get paid weekly
✓ Withdraw your funds at any time, for free
✓ Forget minimum amounts and fixed terms
✓ Stay secure with sophisticated safety measures

You don’t have to worry about the value of your crypto changing – you’ll earn the same interest on your funds whether its price goes up or down.

The more you HODL, the more you’ll earn. Add funds now to get started!

*X-Accounts are made up of cryptocurrencies. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

How to add funds

Earn as you save in three simple steps.

  1. Sign in to Wirex (Please make sure you have the updated version of the app).

  2. Add funds to your account by linking your credit or debit card or making a transfer from an external crypto wallet. If you already have funds in your Wirex account and you want to earn interest on them, simply move them into your X-Accounts.

  3. We’ll do the rest - just sit back and watch your savings grow with interest rates of up to 20% AER. And don’t worry, you can instantly withdraw your funds at any time, free of charge.

Higher tier = higher interest

WXT is your key to unlocking a seriously upgraded Wirex experience.

How? Just by locking it in your X-tras account. The more WXT you lock, the higher your tier, and the higher your tier, the more interest you’ll earn with X-Accounts.

In fact, you’ll get rates so high, you might not believe your eyes. See for yourself.

Want a taste of life in the top tier? Open your app now, upgrade your price plan or lock WXT to switch to a Boosted Tier.


*Read the X-accounts T&Cs here