Really like DUO addition

I tried to see how duo works, really like it and jumped straight in it but how does DUO generate such a high APR?


For real!?

Why would you bother with X-Account/Grow?

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did you guya tried it?

Okay…so I’ve experienced my first loss because I didn’t understand how it works properly.

It’s essentially a form of binary trading.

Long story - short:

I used USDT against SNX, and the rate dropped…I lost my USDT and received SNX at a loss.

…now…I could have waited for my SNX to go up, and then swap back to USDT at a profit…but YOLO!!!

I put SNX back in while it was down, and ended with my USDT rate up to get USDT back…still at a miniscule loss.

Now that I know that it’s basically binary trading but you can’t absolutely lose…I’ll pay more attention to the charts before I do DUO again.


I do not understand how to win there. Becuase the risk of loosing by price changes is higher than lets say 0,4 % interest during 12 hours locking. How to not lose here? I am interested in knowing this

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After reading an email about duo and with no experience i would certainly give it a go should i first study up on binary trading

hi guys please if you wanted to try it put small amount at first then if you feeling it fits for your then add :slight_smile:

its a strategy dou not just an ordinary staking.


Great idea :bulb:

Hi :slight_smile:
Trying to use the DUO feature in the Wirex app. I have ethereum in my account and when I go to start the DUO the button will not work. I tried by logging into the website on a desktop computer and tried to setup the same DUO and a popup appeared saying “we are experiencing technicals issues, please try later” is there something I have or have not done or an issue at this time? I will try later of course and report back.


Seems I was being impatient. It is working for me now :slight_smile:

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