Recent service issues, and what we’re doing to fix them

The way you say it is like the scammers say, the money I put in to use and pay why can’t I use my money.
May I ask you: my cryptocurrency, and I can’t use it, so who can use it?
It’s a small amount, and when used at your place, I see you are a wirex scammer.

Hello there @shamanchant , can I know have you create a support ticket for this?

Thank you

Hello there @hieu_minh , I’m really sorry about your experience. Can I know have you create a support ticket?

Thank you an all the best

Hello there @Manh_Huy_Tran , please know that Wirex is most definitely not a scam company. We make sure that everything is done in a compliant manner. I’m sorry about your experience, can I know have you create a support ticket for your issue? Thank you

Not yet

Filippo Martelli

Hi, on n’y account I cant sent money to an external account Nor send money from my external account to a wirex account. It sais “temporary unavailable”, and it is in this state since weeks. Amy solution, or this temporary problem is in reality not temporary at all?

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What about using an outside source with the MasterCard can you hook it up from say cash app and deposit money in the cash app and then withdraw it into your MasterCard

Hi , is there anyone that can help change my phone number for the app, have been waiting for a few days to hear back from someone put in a request but haven’t heard back, I don’t have my last phone number selfie check didn’t work, other than that appreciated love the app ,

Hi can you pls tell me why my btc transaction is pending?

Wirex App - iPhone

The Wirex app isn’t working on the iPhone since this morning. App. updated to the latest and just goes blurry for a second on access before disappearing. Any ideas about why this is happening? Thx

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Hello :hugs: Please read this solution while waiting for the fix of the IOS app:

Wirex displays this message if you try to connect from a mobile (Android & Iphone). If you don’t have a computer, just request the desktop version. Works fine from Chrome app. Here are the steps to view the desktop site on Chrome iPhone/iPad: Open the Chrome iOS app. Open Wirex | Login To Wirex [image] icon the present at the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose the Request Desktop Site command. [Iphone] Here …

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Thanks! :grinning:

Hello wirex I am a kenyan and I have been trying to transfer my funds to internal and external wallet but I can’t get the verification message to my phone no Its says that you are experiencing technically issues really??? It has been months kindly help me withdraw my funds

@ChienChien_Wirex kindly help

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Hey there @Langat, Thank you for reaching out to us!
I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues withdrawing your funds. Have you created a customer support ticket? You can do this here:
Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone (
The team will reach out to you directly to get this resolved.

They will :innocent:

There are no service issues because there is no service at all.

I’ve asked about the activities bonuses, only pending but no answer.

The WXT exchanged threshold jumped 4x in two months from $50 ->$150-> $300 without notification and explaination.

!!! knock !!! knock !!!
Any real person in WireX?

HUGE amount of my wirex token gone missing. I have been Messaging the support center but no action. Anybody else can help me.?