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Hi @Wirexapps/support

I refer a friend to open a wirex account for a while now after she has been trying and was advised to start again. She submitted all required documents but now she’s unable to set up her account. Each time she tries the response is she’s got two accounts. Can someone please help.

Many thanks


Hi @Superior88, thank you for your request!

Could you please provide the reference # of your friend’s support ticket so that I could look into it for you?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you very much Kateryna for your prompt response to help. Unfortunately my friend says she did not get any reference #.

First trial she used this email–
All ID documents requested she sent them but failed to set up account and was advised to start afresh.

I gave her my referral link and this time she used her second email
Its also failing as it appears now she has 2 accounts.

Many thanks Kateryna


Dear @Superior88, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

Let me kindly inform you that I have forwarded this request to our relevant team. They will check the case and contact your friend as soon as possible.

Warm regards!

Dear Anastasiia-Wirex

Thank you very much for your response. Much appreciated. I will inform my friend.

Kind Regards


Hello @Superior88,

According to our system, the case is currently being processed by our relevant department via ticket 1719979. Could you please advise your friend to check their mailbox?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you so much Anastasiia for your help. Really appreciated. I have informed my friend and she has already recieved the follow up email from relevant department as you stated via ticket given.

Many thanks once again

Kind regards.


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