Refund to bank account

Hi, on July 6th I was informed that Wirex are closing my account, for reasons I do not understand. The same day I sent information where Wirex can send the values I have in my Wirex account, WXT, BTC and ETH.
On August 10, I received a message from Wirex that They apologized for the delay that occurred but that my matter is now prioritized by the Wirex finance team.
As of today, August 30th, there is still no money in my bank account.
Can I expect to ever get my money back??? //Dennis Hansen


hello please did you create a ticket on this ?

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Yes, I have. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure I’ll ever get my money back!!!


@moderators help his case. Thank you

I thought I had made a ticket but… I used the usual email address for support. Now I got an email saying that that address doesn’t work. I am asked to log in first and then make a ticket. The problem for me is that I can’t log in as my account is blocked, that’s the reason why Wirex has to pay my values back to my regular bank account. I have also sent to WirexReviewteam but they say my ticket is solved and closed!? This means that I cannot communicate with Wirex in any other way than through this forum. That said, my hope of getting any money back is zero!!


hi can you drop you ticket # and so that the tech team can escalate your concern thank you

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You can create a ticket here

Now I have made a ticket (2881517)

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You are good. My is locked from April and 60 days ago I send them my IBAN and they said in 4 weeks they will transfer me my money, but still nothing. I lost hope that I will ever see my money. If somebody can help my ticket one of many is : 2857036

Wait for support team to emailed you. Thank you have a good day

I have no understanding why Wirex has blocked my account and does not want me as a customer anymore! But I have even more difficulty understanding why they did not refund my deposit!

fre 9 sep. 2022 kl. 13:52 skrev Ante Kristic via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <>:

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your refund. I have passed your ticket to the team and they will reach out to your directly to get this resolved.

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Hi Kerri, I’m sorry to say this but since April 29 I have sent in 12 tickets to get my account in order and then to get my money sent my bank account. I have received as many excuses and been promised that the matter has a high priority. But still no money has entered my bank account. Is this a new way for Wirex to finance its operations? Does this mean I won’t see any money in my account? Can’t you be honest and say so in that case!!!

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@moderators support team relevant team. Please his case.

I’m sorry sir, for the trouble you facing off.

Hello, Kévin, I’m experiencing some issues with 2 bank transfers from 2 different accounts. These transfers failed as indicated by the Wirex application. Normally the amount is supposed to go back to the issuing accounts, however none of them received the said amount on these accounts. I would like the problem to be solved as soon as possible !! I have sent many tickets for both account : 2937285 ; 2937256. Thank you for your understanding !

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@moderators please escalate :heart:

Hi, in my case my account was blocked for 4 months without any explanation. after that I was asked some questions which I answered to the best of my ability. For example, there was a question about where I had sent 19 euros in 2019, which I had difficulty explaining. Six weeks later I received a message that my account has been suspended and that I can never open an account on Wirex again! I have not received any explanation whatsoever for their actions. The value of my locked currencies, from Wirex blocking my account until they paid them out to my bank account after many, many, many reminders, has dropped from about 14 thousand Euros to 6 thousand Euros. No one who has an account with Wirex can be sure that they will not block the account!!!

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Hey @Chiphanson,
Sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with your account.
Please create a customer support ticket here: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone ( The team will then reach out to you directly to get this resolved.

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I am really really angry with this app!!!

I made a test-transfer and the test-transfer worked fine including swapping and sending to my metamask wallet.
everything ok.

Then send 2000€ and swap it to Eth and treid to send to wallet and nothing worked.
thousands of fails.

then swapped again back to Euro and tried to send my money to Bank account.
That dont work also.
Nothing work anymore!

What kind of s-h-i-t is this here???

I am more than angry. Spend hours and nothing work!

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We’re sorry sir.