Refund to my debit credit card

Hi there,

Can some one help with this I’ve made a few tickets asking about my failed refunds. Only to be given the same response. I’m still yet to receive my refund, this happened on the 19-24th of August New Zealand timezone and was told I’d be refunded within 15 business days for the money to return back to my credit card.
Always the same message

"​Thank you for your message.

We have checked provided information, and from this point, we would appreciate your patience, since a refund can take up to 14 business days."

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Hi @Jaeden! Please provide your ticket number so that we could check it with our Support team.

Kind regards!

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Hi there,

I made a few tickets not sure which one they may be


Hi @Jaeden! The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

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I have also a pending refund which my merchant refunded on the 29th September with a valid reciept and transaction number. But Wirex said the merchant hasn’t refunded yet. and I am not getting my refund. Can somebody please help? Thankyou

Hi @ckhy! We see on our side that you were updated via email by our Support agent. Please, check your mailbox and forward any additional questions to our Support team via email.

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It has been nearly a week since the last ticket was raised. Also, It has been nearly 2 weeks since the refund of the merchant happened with proof from the merchant. Why does it take so long for Wirex to investigate? Why hold on to my funds which should be refunded back to me with solid proof from the merchant? It is $250USD equivalent which isn’t little money. I have paid for a premium membership with Wirex but I have to say I am quite disappointed with all this.

Hi @ckhy! The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Yes It has been with the support team since the 30th of September. and it has been 12 days and nothing. All you guys told e you guys are still investigating. Investigating what? My merchant provided a proof that my funds have been refunded. Howl ong will you guys hold my fund for?

Dear @ckhy! Unfortunately, sometimes the cases of such sort may take more time than usually. I have escalated this inquiry. Please, note that you will be contacted via email as soon as this is resolved.

Its the same tome, tome, i have 5 invite frends, and get verified, the promo of rewrd is scam…

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sir the rewards is came when 30 working days is over at the end of promotions.

may i know what promotions are you claiming?

Thank you sir.

@Joey30 The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

I am expecting a refund of AUD 6600 for a month now. All you guys provide is a copy-paste answer to everyone. Do you guys even refund money??? Is this how you want to run a business!!! And for heavens sake, do give a different reply !!!

Hello @faisal_chawdhary, I can completely understand how unhappy you are because of this situation and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Let me inform you that your request is still being processed by our relevant team and we will update you directly via the ticket once it is done.


The 12th of September I ask for a refund from PayPal company to my Wirex account. they did it but since then I’m not seeing that refund on my Debit card. it’s been more than 20 business day. I would appreciate a response ASAP since I need that money back.

Hello @Natalia_Errecalde, thank you for reporting this issue. We have escalated your case to the highest priority and the funds should be credited to your account at the nearest time. Regards!

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Hello Anastasiia,
I have received refund today. Thanks to you and Wirex for your support.

Unfortunately, it is not full amount. It is less by AUD534.

Please could you help to get it checked and have the remaining amount refunded.


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Oh thats great , hope you recieved it :heart: the remaining.

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Hello @faisal_chawdhary, we have forwarded this issue to the Support team and our agent will contact you at the nearest time. Regards!