REFUNDS are losts with this VISA CARD cancelation by Wirex

Beginning of March I made 2 online purchases by vendors: iHerb and alike.
After my transaction was confirmed, I got emails from each:

“our system has flagged your purchase as a potentially fraudulent transaction”
So they said they would refund the money to the VISA CARD that was used in the transaction.

On 16th of March Wirex did close my VISA CARD because of their own reasons. Nothing to do with me.

The vendors sent me the confirmation that the refund was done.

  1. So I wrote Wirex support with printscreens. Do 1/04/2021 20:56
    I got an automatic reply from Wirex: Do 1/04/2021 21:10
    “We experienced an unexpected increase in inquiries in the last few weeks. If you still require our assistance, kindly reply to this message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

I learned form past experience that you need to reply asap if not Wirex will close the case as solved.
2) So I replied and repeated the question. Do 1/04/2021 21:12
again an automatic reply with the same message Do 1/04/2021 21:12

  1. so I replied again to avoid closing of the ticket Do 1/04/2021 21:14
    another automatic reply from Wirex Za 3/04/2021 21:00

4)and I need to reply again to avoid closing of the ticket Ma 5/04/2021 16:15

Wirex replied now with a template email Di 6/04/2021 9:37, without looking to my question :
“We would like to kindly inform you, that we have recently announced changes in our bank infrastructure and a few months ago our clients were informed via newsletter mailing that Contis bank (card) account and corresponding VISA card are no longer supported by us since 16th March”

and I have to reply if the issue was not solved to avoid the ticket being closed: Di 6/04/2021 17:41

So now what?
I lost my money because Wirex decided to cancel all VISA cards, and therefore each vendor got the cards marked as “a potentially fraudulent transaction” so with their refund the money does not land in my account any more?

Hi @W-crypto :wave:

I’m sincerely sorry that you are having this problem and understand your frustration on this.

Wirex has repeatedly sent emails regarding the changes with Contis. Here is one of the mails titled '“Important information about your current Wirex Visa card”:

Mail message - Click to view

We’ve already been in touch several times, but just to remind you:

You will no longer be able to use your old Wirex Visa card for transactions after 6:00am on 16th March 2021.

You can ensure any funds on your card account are automatically transferred into your Wirex account on the 15th March by clicking here:


We recommend you do this. Any remaining money on your card account after 6 am on 16th March 2021 will be frozen and safeguarded by Contis.

To acquire your funds after this date, you will need to contact the Contis Redemptions team (, formally request the return of your funds and pass the necessary security checks.

You may continue to use your Visa card as normal until the 16th.

Thanks for your patience.

Wirex will not be able to do anything on its side now. As you will see, you should contact the Constis Redemptions team. Their email is:

I hope I’ve helped you. Please feel free to respond here if you need further assistance.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same experience.

Doe not surprise me at all with Wirex. They have no interest in safeguarding people’s money, but are quite happy to get their hands on as much of it as they can.

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Hi @Blue

Wirex had warned customers at the end of December, and several times after, adding a clickable link as mentioned above, so that the funds are automatically transferred before 03/16/21. If you have not transferred your funds from the visa card before this date, you must contact the Contis Redemptions team.

Thank you for your understanding.

Are you willfully misunderstanding the title of the post and my reply?

I did transfer my funds.

This was a refund to my card after March 16.

I also warned Wirex this was going to happen, but you weren’t interested.

@Blue Did you contact Contis at the above mentioned email address?

Yes I have.

I’m waiting…

Hi @Blue and @W-crypto,

As we’ve communicated before, Contis closed all Wirex Visa card and bank accounts on 16.03.2021.

In case you have questions regarding your bank transfers, old card transactions, balances, refunds, statements, etc. please contact Contis directly as it is described here: Visa card account FAQ

Since we no longer cooperate with our previous banking partner, all transfers sent to EE and LT Iban will be sent back to the sender automatically.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to receive further transfers to the old details.


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Yes, please don’t send me stock answers, it just wastes my time and yours, especially as I’ve already received a similar answer from one of your colleagues.

Take the trouble to read and understand what was posted before you comment, or just don’t bother.

You should check out the link @Anastasiia_Wirex posted above. It could be useful for you to correctly submit your request to Contis.

It is the only thing to do in this case. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Best regards.

thanks for your reply.

Yes I kewn that I needed to withdraw the money from the card before the 16h of March and that is what I did via purchasing things the weeks before.

How can I know upfront that the vendors would mark Wirex cards as fraudulent and issue a refund that now gets stuck.

Wirex did not warned clients for this part that any refund would be lost.

so did you read it? or just commented?

Ofcourse we all knew that funds needed to be withdrawn from the cards before 16 March.

That is what I did with online purchases but they marked Wirex card as fraudulent and issued a refund that now is lost because the cards are not more in use.

I have not seen any warning for that.

yes he ignores on purpose the title and the description I wrote.

Ofcourse we all knew we had to withdraw the funds on the cards before the 16 of March and that i what I did with spending it online. How could I know upfront that Wirex cards would be marked as fraudulent by the vendors so they would issue a refund that now is lost.

Hi @W-crypto :wave:

Don’t worry, even if the card has been closed since March 16 and you have a refund pending after that date, you can get them back from Contis.

All the information was already available above. Please go to the link below to find out how to do this:

Best regards!

@Blue I understand your concerns, your current issues but you can’t talk nonsense, and some of your posts are misleading other members. We are in a public community and there are guidelines to follow. I have flagged your post and am just a member of the community.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hola a todos , a mi desgracia no retire los fondos antes del 16 de marzo de la tarjeta visa, ya he mandado el formulario a cotis, cuanto tiempo tardan el procesar la solicitud y abonar el saldo de la tarjeta visa?

Hello @domingo12,

Since we no longer cooperate with our previous banking partner, it’s necessary to contact them directly regarding your bank transfers, old card transactions, balances, refunds, statements, etc:

Due to the high load with the incoming requests, they can provide a response a little bit longer.


Dear @W-crypto,
Please be advised that Contis is the provider of the Visa cards that are closed now. Kindly note that you have agreed to the card issuer terms when you ordered that card. As you can check here: Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone, Visa Wirex card and account is issued by Contis.
Therefore, if you mentioned necessary details in the request to Contis, they should assist you as a client of Contis.

Kind regards

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what’s happens if i must receive a payment from my bookmaker in this VISA ?
I mean, the witdhrawal is rejected because the card is not active anymore so :

  • the bookmaker refunds me,
  • the money is received by Contis so i must contact them ?