Repayments not come back why

why am i not receiving my repayments? wirex is not trustworthy
Pls mail me

You need to text support about it

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Hi @Neslihan :wave:

I’m sorry you haven’t received your refund yet.

In my case, I had to wait 20 working days to receive it. The cause did not come from Wirex but from the merchant. For example with Amazon, this is very fast, less than 7 days.

Refunds usually takes 5-14 working days:

Advice: ARN (Acquirer’s Reference Number, 23-digits) is helpful to locate the funds quickly in case you did not get the money within 14 days.

Once this has been acquired, contact Assistance Support by creating a request here:

You can share your ticket number HERE for faster assistance

I hope that will have answered your question. If you need more help, please come back here :grinning:

Best regards!


I’m waiting some refunds from Amazon and I want to know if it will be processed automatically or I need to open a ticket about it?


Hello @Aeoris, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Let me kindly ask you to submit a request following this link: Our Support Team will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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Help I have not gotten my funds over 5months

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hello what is the concern mam?

Hello I made a crypto payment today on the btc network and the transaction failed, I received an email informing me that I would be getting the full amount(trans.+Fee) refunded back into my btc account (.003503). I have yet to see that refund hit my account! I’m growing impatient due to the fact I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone on the support team nor a response on the tickets I have created, could someone please let me know what is going on with my funds!! I know it’s not a ton of crypto but it’s mine and I’m not a big fan of losing money!! Thanks for your time and understanding!

@Too2urnt Please check your mailbox for the appropriate update from Support and respond accordingly in ticket #2894283. Thank you in advance!


I have a similar issue.

I was charged for an ATM withdrawal but the cash was not dispensed by the ATM.

I’ve emailed and emailed and emailed the support team but have not heard anything back - other than one investigation that told me ‘ATM withdrawal attempts were declined due to insufficient funds.’ Completely useless.

I’ve had a great experience with Wirex until this point.
Hopefully, I hear something back soon.

Most recent Ticket; 2910192


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Hello @ouiloui, we see that our Support team contacted you on this matter already and they will send you an update at the nearest time. Regards!

it will be refunded sir

Look I’m growing more and more impatient with you guys telling me that my $60 OF BTC is going to get refunded like it’s just a few cents or something!! This is not just five bucks that we’re talking about!! The way gas prices and inflation has hit our economy that $60 has became more and more valuable especially to me. I want my money refunded, so before I take this matter to the BBB tomorrow morning I want to give you guys one more chance to do what is right and refund my money or how bout this, try emailing me back or having your support team reply to one of my many tickets, try to be just a little bit more professional in this matter that is affecting one of your customers.

Hello @Too2urnt, thank you for reporting this issue, we’ve escalated your case to the Support team and they will respond to your ticket at the nearest time. Regards!

I’m still yet to hear from the relevant team that you supposedly escalated my ticket too!! I’m struggling to make ends meet right now, so you can imagine how $60 loss would really hurt someone that is struggling!! Can you please let me know something asap about my money thanks

Hi @Too2urnt, we’ve passed your case to the Support team. You will be updated as soon as possible. Best regards!