Request (275211) Unable To Verify Linked Card / Unsupported

Hi Wirex Team,

Good to be here :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a recent open support request (25 February 2021), as I have been unable to verify my ‘Linked Card’.

I have been advised that it ‘SEEMS’ Wirex cannot support cards issued by my well-known bank (Lloyds) or Lloyds Banking Group, and to try using another card.

Although Wirex via their banking partner, do support bank transfers and faster-payments to/from my Lloyds bank accounts.

The majority of my banking is with Lloyds Bank / Lloyds Banking Group, and I only have one bank ‘current’ account and ‘debit card’ - so I am unable to try another card. Which currently leaves my issue unresolved.

Not sure if anyone has/is experiencing this same or similar issue?

I was seeking for this issue to perhaps be looked into further; with the Support Representative saying it ‘SEEMS’. As from them saying this, it appears they may not be 100% sure if my actual ‘Lloyds Bank’ Debit Card is the issue?

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Kindest regards


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